The Rock Band 4 Versus Guitar Hero Live War May Come Down to One Single Factor

Its been 5-years since we have seen a Rock Band or a Guitar Hero game. As quickly as the franchises rose to stardom, their fall from grace was just as swift. Sidd takes a look at both Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live giving us the low down on what we can expect and who might come out on top.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan2179d ago

I like the fact that Guitar Hero is trying to do some new stuff with the game instead of rehash the old, which in many ways is what I feel RockBand is doing. Regardless great time to be a rhythm/music genre fan again.

Sayburr2179d ago

I think the "freeplay guitar solos" is pretty darned inovative... moreso than re-arranging the buttons on the guitar.

Yi-Long2179d ago

I dislike the live-action stuff in Guitar Hero, so I think Band Hero looks a lot more appealing to me...

I just prefer that visual cartoony colorful style over real video with some actors pretending to be popstars or whatever.

Newmanator2178d ago

So you frequent the rock band forums and n4g? Good to know :)

Digital_Anomaly2179d ago

I played both down at E3 and each of them bring a pretty good amount of innovation.

With GH the button reconfiguration is more innovative than you think. It's a whole new way to play and with everything else, including GHTV, it's well worth being excited for.

The freestyle guitar solos are hella cool on RB too but will take a few times to get the hang of. I embarrassed myself on my first couple attempts! Speaking with Eric Pope from Harmonix he could't SAY that pretty much every single piece of DLC from before is being upgraded to fit the new format but I got a pretty solid 'wink wink, nudge nudge' though so take that as you will. As someone who has 600 odd songs in his library that makes me pretty excited!

spoonard2178d ago

If they bring forward all of the DLC then my Xbox One will see the first regular use since I bought it. I'd love to buy the PS4 version, but I have a lot invested into the Xbox version. I'd have to start over with the PS4 version.

PeaSFor2178d ago

"May Come Down to One Single Factor", yes.. all my previously purchased songs on RockBand games.

that said i dislke the fmv live action in the new GH anyway.

rawrock2179d ago

Got GH preordered. I like that they focus on the guitar only, it was better last gen than RB's guitar. Don't care about other instruments. And the new Live guitar is supposed to give a more realistic playing feel with the button layout.

FriedGoat2178d ago

Harmonix created both Guitar hero and Rock Band, they cannot be beaten in this Genre. I will always pick whichever game Harmonix is making.

Khajiit862178d ago

I started off on GH but Rock Band for me had the better guitar... Loved both personally and I miss them. Cant wait to rock out.

LightSamus2179d ago

I think the thing that'll sway more towards Rock Band than Guitar Hero is the support for older hardware and DLC. Guitar Hero's ideas are actually interesting but being forced to pay extra for yet another plastic guitar is sure to turn a lot of people away.

The fact that I'll be able to buy the RB4 disc and have hundreds of songs ready to go with all my current plastic tat makes it a winner.

DarkBlood2179d ago

well yeah its doing a new type of gameplay ish with guitar hero dont see how previous guitars would even work.

though it is a nice to keep existing rockband items though that comes at the expensive of gameplay itself.

Baka-akaB2179d ago

I'll stick with RB4 , the dlc library , the feel of the game and its great campaign systeme , the new freestyle mode . And no nonsense like playing guitar as a filler instruments in songs with piano and other intruments or modified sheets to artifically inflate difficulties in some modes .

And quite frankly i dont dig at all the live fmv aspect from GHlive , and even less playing the game on music videos .

fanboysmackdown2179d ago

Nice to see Guitar Hero innovate but I'm going back to Rock Band because of my old instruments, especially the mic, and all my songs.

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