Top 10 Video Game Animals

Main characters of video games are often of the humanoid-variety: You have your Clouds, and your Links, and your Dantes, and your Master Chiefs, and so on. Far too often are the minor characters of such games overshadowed by them, much more in the cases where those minor characters aren't even human. Or even if the main characters themselves, are, in fact, non-human.

That is why it will Casualty Gamers pleasure and privilege to present to you the top 10 video game characters, throughout the span of video game's existence, that are not humans, but in fact, animals.

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JS1HUNDRED3790d ago

This has to be the poorest excuse ever to wtire a top 10

Aclay3790d ago

Ah yes, trusty ol' Agro, I almost forgot about him. Hopefully Team ICO has more in store for Agro on the PS3 with their new game.

And Spyro is a video game icon as well as Donkey Kong. If I had to choose one more animal to put on this list, I would have to say Crash Bandicoot because Crash is just as iconic as a video game character as Spyro.

PoSTedUP3790d ago

i didnt look at the list yet but if you say that they didnt add crash then i aint even gunna waste my time.

LeonSKennedy4Life3790d ago

Crash was a Bandicoot...

...not exactly an animal.

PoSTedUP3790d ago

im pretty sure he was a dog....

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3790d ago

Some of those animals should never have been listed. Why do they always feel they need to add the oldest animals that no one cares about anymore? Where's Ratchet? or Daxter?

RecSpec3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

WTF, no Sonic!?

I know his last few games have sucked, but come on!

Plus, Resetti>Nook.

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The story is too old to be commented.