Eve Online's Player Population at Its Lowest Since 2008

In recent months, the amount of players logging in to EVE has decreased drastically and is in fact at the lowest it has been since 2008.

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ArchangelMike1541d ago

I was on of those ppl who put countless hrs into EvE-Online for many many years. But I stopped playing sometime in 2011, because I got married, had a few kids, and started working a 'proper' fulltime job. I just could'nt put in those long sessions. I had months at a time when I would only log in to change skills. It was then that I knew I could no longer play EvE Online and get my moneys worth.

FlexLuger1541d ago

Not surprising. It can be a costly game. I have a freind who has spent about £800 on this game. I nearly pissed myself when he told me that. He doesnt play it anymore for that exact same reason. It is extremely time consuming and expensive to play.

Stringerbell1540d ago

Kind of off topic- but I remember some kid in HS selling his Diablo account to some Canadian for 25k. He then dropped out of school because he got his pay day.

ChronoJoe1539d ago

That reminded me of my childhood. I used to play this French MMO called Dofus.

I sold my account for £1200 when I was 14 years old. Such a huge payday relative to my age, at the time! The game was a lot of fun but it was disrupting my school work.

Psychotica1540d ago

I was always hoping they would come out with an offline single player game. Not really expecting it, but hoping...

Brotard1540d ago

Well they have eve valkerie coming out but that's probably not even close to what you wanted...

Pandamobile1539d ago

An offline version of EVE kinda defeats the whole purpose of the game.

Psychotica1539d ago

Seems like it would just make it like the X3 games which are pretty popular.

arbitor3651540d ago

its been around for a ridiculously long time. It cant last forever

22CobraKing1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

This eventually happens after some years to all games

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The story is too old to be commented.