Review: Batman Arkham Knight Is The Best Disappointment I’ve Ever Had [EGMR]

EGMR writes: "Batman: Arkham Knight is simultaneously a love letter to fans and its source material while also in some respects being a disservice to both. I've never loved a game this much while also being kind of disappointed by it, and feeling it could have been blatantly better. Yet no one can take away from Arkham Knight's sheer level of quality, its near perfected gameplay, its masterful graphics and audio and its magnificent usage of its source material. Yes, as a die-hard fan Arkham Knight may have disappointed me painfully with some things, but I'll be damned if it isn't the best disappointment I've ever had."

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PaleMoonDeath1232d ago

Really? it actually ended up being better than all previous Arkham games for me, guess we all really do experience games differently.

Tody_ZA1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

If you read the review, the disappointments mostly came from story-related content, particularly closing chapters of some villains set up in previous games.

As far as actual gameplay is concerned, the review calls it perfected and better than all Arkham games.

PaleMoonDeath1232d ago

I thought the plot was incredible, right from the get go it had my interest and not once did it waver, in fact it only gets more interesting as the plot goes on, especially the last three missions which were just Arkham bliss.

Strongest plot and gameplay mechanics by far, for me anyhow, very pleased with the game!

GNCFLYER1232d ago

Serious question.

I didn't play arkaham asylum. I read last night I it's a much better game if you have played arkaham asylum first.

I'm only 2 hours into the game, should I quit and go play AA first? Is it that important?

I checked the ps store last night and it's only 10 dollars to download.

Tody_ZA1232d ago

I don't think you *have* to play Arkham Asylum, but you'll absolutely make Arkham Knight a better experience for yourself, considering that Scarecrow is the main villain in the game and his story is in Asylum but not in City.

I think you should, for those scarecrow moments, the story and to at least see where it all began.

GNCFLYER1232d ago

Thank you.

I'll go start the download.

EDKICK1232d ago

It's also a great game, can never go wrong playing a great game

MAULxx1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I loved AA but despised AC. I hated the way AC was stuctured. Way too much game padding & filler for me. Is AK like AC? Looks like it is. I do like that Scarecrow is back.

Pozzle1226d ago

Yep, Arkham Knight is more like AC than AA. It has a similar open world, and much of the same sort of filler. So if you didn't like AC, you probably won't like Arkham Knight.

MAULxx1224d ago

Yeah, it looks very similar. That's why I'm passing.
Thanks for the info though.