Batman: Arkham Knight Has A Serious, Inexplicable Glitch With Its Ending

There's something technically wrong with the ending sequence of Batman: Arkham Knight, and it's unclear what the problem really is.

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DevelopmentArrested1205d ago

Wasn't this issue already reported.

Tody_ZA1205d ago

I don't know about that, but nothing has been done yet and many people even on the official Arkham Knight forums have no idea about it, so more awareness can't hurt, especially for people who don't want to 100% the game.

deadpoolio3161204d ago

Well if people dont want to 100% the game then why should the be entitled to the 100% completion special ending...Rocksteady was pretty clear before the game launched that you had to complete the game 100% to get the complete ending...

Tody_ZA1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

deadpoolio316, your comment proves the necessity of this piece, because you like many others aren't aware of the issue. It's not your fault, it's the game's for not communicating any of it.

There are TWO endings. There's video proof of this in the article. Please read it. Ending 1, the normal ending, can be activated at 7/14 most wanted cases complete, while the SPECIAL, EXTENDED ending, Ending 2, can be activated at 100%, and it adds additional footage to the end.

This special extended ending (Ending 2) - by all means people should work for it.

The core problem is that if you do any more than 7 most wanted cases, you CAN'T activate the normal ending - Ending 1. It can only be activated at 7/14. That's obviously a failing.

On my playthrough, I did 13/14 most wanted cases, but I could not get an ending to my game. I had to watch it on YouTube. The game wanted me to get 100%. I only want to do this on my second playthrough on PC when that version is fixed.

In short: anyone who did 8 or more most wanted cases (I have many examples of this in the article) cannot activate Ending 1. That's punishing people for doing more in the game, is it not?

Once you do more than 7, the game switches to requiring you to 100% the game in order to activate Ending 2, and you can't choose to activate Ending 1. It is a PROBLEM. There's no way of knowing this in the game. It's a glitch, or a bad design decision.

It SHOULD be that if you've done 7 or more side missions, you can activate Ending 1 at any time, but only if you 100% it do you get Ending 2.

Currently, you can ONLY activate Ending 1 at exactly 7/14 missions. The result? Many people who did 8 or more side missions aren't getting access to an ending to their game and are being forced to 100% it.

Can you now see the logical failing of this?

joab7771205d ago

It's probably a glitch I'm the code, in the sense that it should be anything above 7, but only triggers at 7. With all the other issues, this isn't surprising. The real problem is that they will be so busy in the next few months, this may take a back seat.

Though if you can't beat the game unless u do exactly 7, that is huge, and it will get alot of traction. Lucky for you, you can just add this to what you do when you play the PC version. If you are planning on doing all 14, just do the 7 one also.

Tody_ZA1204d ago

I'm glad you understand the problem.

It should be anything above 7, but only triggers at exactly 7, and if you do any more than 7 then the game requires you to 100% it to get access to the second ending, while barring you from the first.

Well, you can 'beat' the game, but you won't get access to the ending sequence. It's still huge.

I did 13/14 on my first playthrough, everything except the Riddler challenges, and want to 100% it on PC later. However I was frustrated that I had to watch the ending on YouTube from people who put in less effort than me, at exactly 7/14 missions done.

I watched the extended ending too, since I won't be getting 100% till the PC version works again, and I kinda have to return that PS4 copy I hastily borrowed after getting a kick in the nuts by the PC edition :P

DillyDilly1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

On the XBOX One I got the original ending with 7 no problem

davemyrose921204d ago

The issue guys is that you haveeee to rescue all the firefighters, !!!! Then it will let you complete the ending, its not really a glitch its that they don't tell you that rescuing the firefighters is mandatory for getting the real ending

DillyDilly1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

You dont have to do all of them for the first ending at least

WizzroSupreme1204d ago

Good to know when I get to the ending. Obsessed with Riddler trophies for now.

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