GamersPlatform: Siren: Blood Curse Episode 1 Review

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"Throughout the week, we will be exploring the twelve episodes of Siren: Blood Curse that were recently released to the Playstation 3 via the Playstation Network. In every episode, we will give you a short review of the game and our impression.

We'll start with Episode 1, which is the beginning of the game. The game starts with Sam Monroe and his TV crew looking horrified after seeing a bunch of villagers slaugthering the people and the little kids in their village. Howeer, A high school student named Howard Wright tries to stop one of the villagers that is trying to kill a little girl, but he fails and starts running. In his quest to try and run from those crazy villagers, he sees an empty shack… His journey starts from here…."

*Review might contain spoilers. Full review after the jump!

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Playstation Man3736d ago

taking a break, I'm just starting Episode 4. Awesome exclusive for PS3!

Dir_en_grey3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Even for just the first episode, you know this is gonna be great when you see it. It is the shortest episode in the game but it does not deserve such a low score...

(Playing the Japanese version) I'm on episode 7 and I'm giving this a 10. But I'm a total fanboy of the series already, so anybody played through the first pack or further already?
Care to share your thoughts?

Even just for the graphics and art direction alone this game does not deserve below an 8 imo...

Ghoul3735d ago

playstation - rate below

dude i totally agree, its just a god damn virus floating around gamesmedia to underrate ps3 games

Lavitz19893736d ago

I'm almost finished. So far it's great. I'm rating each episode based on story and what that episode has to offer.

We will give our final verdict of the game this weekend and a complete episode summaries as an exclusive feature of GamersPlatform for this game!

Havince3736d ago

it was a download game, gutted now as i dont have a credit card to buy off the marketplace. i with theyd reliese points cards like microsoft

thewhoopimen3735d ago

Hell no, I don't want MS's retarded point system $1.25 for 100 points? It's deceptive, and it leaves money on the table if you don't spend all the points... money that MS gets to happily keep. Forget it. Just go get yourself a Visa or mastercard giftcard.

pp3735d ago

Looks like another Flop to add too sony never ending line up of Floped games

TheColbertinator3735d ago

Yeah I dont like flops either like Fuzion Fenzy 2,Bullet Witch,Two Worlds,Operation Darkness,and Ninety Nine Nights

jcfilth3735d ago

Looks like pp is one of those kids who asked for a PS3 in Christmas and got a cheap Xbox3fixme and then because he wanted the PS3 so bad he comes to every PS3 news to bash on the games to make himself feel better.

Ali_The_Brit3735d ago

the 360 has more flops than the PS3, go on list the ps3 flops and il give you a bigger list of 360 flops.

anyhoo, this game is amazing, already got two 8/10s, since when is a 7 or 8 a flop!?

8 is a GOOD score

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The story is too old to be commented.