Bungie Blog: New Halo 3 content plus 3 Projects Underway

The Penny Arcade Expo is rapidly approaching and while some of Bungie plans have changed, they are still planning some goodness for fans who plan to attend.

"At the moment we do have three distinct projects underway within Bungie - some familiar, some not. Some on a closer horizon, some quite far off."

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Overr8ed3791d ago

great i can wait... this might be a reason why i may buy a 360. and Gears 2. Damn i need money.

mesh13790d ago

overr tht quote is getting bored you wil not buy a 360 ever butevery year 360 games are bettter thasn we here your type halo 3 ahh hti sis the reason i buy a 360.bioshock realse ahh this is the reason i buy a 360,mass effect release ahh this is the reason i buy a 360,gears of war 1 release ahh this is the reason i buy a 360,there are wayy more reason you fanobys will get a 360 over the othe rocnsole it has wayyyyyyy more better exclusive.

jack who3791d ago

bu bu bu but halo is the last game bungie will make...../farm boyz

yaboi3791d ago

the last good game they will make with m$ having on a leash thats 4 feet long!!!!

jack who3791d ago

i bet you can also tell me if am gona be rich?

yaboi3791d ago

bet that ur a 360 fanboy

-M4verick-3791d ago

Halo rules.

PS3 sucks and has no good games and runs multiplatform games like garabge and only ONE game on PS3 has "trophies" AKA a rip off of Microsofts acheivemetnts and a CRAPPY rip-off BTW.

PS3 sucks, get over it.

Halo 3 broke almost every record there is. Halo is the flagship title for mAJOR lEAGUE Gaming and Halo was the first FPS to feel good on a console.

BTW, PS3 still sucks.

Faztkiller3790d ago

i love halo as much as anybody
but i disagree with u PS3 kicks 360's A$$

-M4verick-3790d ago

hahaha with WHAT??? I have a PS3 sitting right next to my 360 and its fairly new. I've had my 360 since Gears came out...almost 2 years ago.

PS3 is worse and WAY worse in everything. Name ONE THING besides reliability, that the PS3 excells in.

You can't name anything but MGS4. Everything about the PS3 is mediocore and WELL BELOW mediocore. Example: Firmware's an absolute JOKE...and they are trying to be Microsft and doing a horrible job at it.

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yaboi3791d ago

what the 3 projects are????

i really don't care cause they got away from m$ then when they start announcing stuff they go right back up their a$$

incogneato3791d ago

Bungie is a crap developer i cant believe anyone gives a hoot

FantasyStar3791d ago

But I'd mind my words around the Halo fanatics.

SixZeroFour3791d ago

you stated your OPINION about them, now you wanna back your word up with why and how they are a crap developer?

Monty_The_Great3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

all the developers out there were as crappy as Bungie. I mean the last 3 games they have released have all been AAA and have only gotten bigger and bigger in the eyes of the media. I wish other developers could be as crappy as Bungie and only help single handedly to take gaming to new heights. All I wish is that other developers were as crappy as Bungie.

e8t bit3791d ago

But I've been disappointed by Bungie not having much of it own voice and being a sort of "Halo Machine" just spitting out upgraded clones of it's previous game. If you're saying Halo's merit is in it's popularity,then that's definitely saying something. I'm curious to see some range out of what they can create, otherwise why not change their name to Halo Studios?

Monty_The_Great3790d ago

I am with you on Bungie expanding there horizons. They are responsible for what is my favorite franchise of all time, so I would love to see what else they can do. As far as saying they create clones of the previous game is just being biased. What are they supposed to do when they create a sequel? Are they suppose to go in a different direction and change the lead character and change the story? No, they are suppose to continue on with there story and throw some twist and turns and improve the game play where it is needed and add some new elements, that is why its a sequel. Which as far as I am concerned, Bungie is one of the best at, or as incogneato says, crap, which is what I want all developers to be.

incogneato3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )


key word right there big boy.

$$$ for advertising and gift packs for reviewers + Media does not a good game make

Xi3790d ago

bungie created myth, marathon, oni, and halo, all revolutionary titles.

myth was the first real time tactics game.
marathon was the first fps to (amoung other things):
include multi-tierd levels
a level editor included in games
mission objectives
melee combat
second attack functions
dual wieldable weapons
Oni was the first third person game to feature both hand to hand and third person shooting.
and Halo... it doesn't need a description.

Sorry, bungie is one of the worlds most important developers, ever.
Bungie, blizzard, valve, nintendo made this industry.

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