Quicksave's PixelJunk Eden Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"Ever since PixelJunk Monsters debuted, anything the folks at Q-Games announces perks my interest. Their third project, PixelJunk Eden definitely caught my eye with its lush colorful nature, but what the hell was it? Videos certainly didn't elaborate on what it was or how it was played, but that didn't matter because I liked what I saw and heard. With today's PSN update, I was finally able to answer those remaining questions."

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Marceles3763d ago

The game was really fun once I got the hang of it. They're lucky they let me complete only so much of the demo because I would've beaten the game tonight lol...

Gamekilla3763d ago

to anybody finding the game hard, just give it time, once you get used to the controls it is really addictive..the demo is pretty long too, i got played for around 25 minutes and there s still stuff to do...


Shadow Flare3763d ago

I love the Eden demo. The trailers didn't explain to me what the games about but playing the demo, i know i like it. Definately buying this. Love playing it on a HD-TV too

Tomdc3763d ago

nah best psn demo has to be civilisation revolution, this game seemed good tho =)

I got all the spectra on level 1 and it wont let me go any further...

u think it will keep our saved data when we download the full game?

marinelife93763d ago

My Wife actually loves this demo. I couldn't get her to play anything but Super Puzzle Fighter before.

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INehalemEXI3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I got a kick out of it. Its one of those games that just makes you want to .... procreate. "Gimme some sugar baby!"

PoSTedUP3763d ago

i got a kick out of it too, i dunno if it was cause i am drink but that sh*t was crazy entertaining son.

Playstation Man3763d ago

Much like Monsters, but my time is more than likely booked with Siren for the time being.

aiphanes3763d ago

I love pixel junk I will love this it will have trophies and youtube uploading..

chasegamez3763d ago

i dont get this game ill pass
but i love pixel junk monsters

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The story is too old to be commented.