Why denying web access to 360 gamers is a big mistake.

This opinion piece at gameplayer looks at how Microsoft is the only console maker that doesn't let gamers surf the web - and how this is a huge mistake.

"The reality here is that Microsoft has surrendered territory to the enemy, and without a fight."

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Angelitos3736d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, you know the best gen experience is with the PS3, shame on you.

Poor Xbots

niall773736d ago

But giving the 360 access to the internet and all the free content (like youtube/flash games) would damage MS's way of milking every last Microsoft point out of its customers.

BigBaehr3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

more like "it would run 'red' rings around the Ps3's broswer"

mikeslemonade3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

It can be used as a gameplay element. Remember that game that uses google maps? And uploading your own game replays to youtube? And I can download mods for UT3 straight from the Web Browser without twisting my neck and arms over to the computer. It's just another feature that the free service has and the payed service doesn't.

pav23233735d ago

The first thing I thought of after reading this is how well Microsoft's OS's do with virus's. That could be a reason they prefer not to include a browser. Of course there is not an OS immune to everything.

jidery3735d ago

well....unix and linux are virtualy unhackable.... the PS3 system OS is built off of unix

Megatron083735d ago

Wow if that wasnt writen by a sony fanboy I dont know what is but its all good seeing how all sony fanboy read and post on all xbox/ms news anyways.

mikeslemonade3735d ago

It's the OS that is easily hackable which is Windows in this case. The web browser on the PS3 doesn't run on Linux it runs on the PS3 OS. The virus excuse is a non-issue.

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Zhuk3736d ago

Gameplayer is the SDF all in but name, every week they are trying to character assinate the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 team with their shoddy tabloid journalism, how jealous can these fandroids get of how much superior the Xbox 360 is than the PS3 with so many amazing blockbusters coming out in 2008 I guess its understandable when there's nothing coming out for PS3 anymore these holidays.

Sorry fandroids, MGS4 has come and gone, a title which was so mediocre it failed to perform a fraction of the hype and sales of an Xbox 360 exclusive such as Halo and Gears of War, no wonder MGS4 and FFXIII are coming to Xbox 360 now.

Solid_Snake6663736d ago

keep dreaming ur xbox is gonna crash when u put 1 of 20 FF disks in

ZombieNinjaPanda3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Fanboyism is a mental disease.

That can lead to health issues.

The only cure is to be unbiased. I suggest you start it.

Btw, I don't see many games coming out for the 360.

Gears 2, banjo(should be nintendo shouldn't it?) and the next halo.

Other than that, I'm afraid the 360 isn't showing much this year.

Seriously stop flaming the ps3, you act as if this machine slept with your wife...or your girlfriend..if you have one...

Oh and sorry I have to resort to name calling but..

Hey moron, Metal Gear Solid 4 isn't coming for the 360.

Apparently the developer called Kojima doesn't want it to.

Edit at disagree.

Well some 360 fan boy probably
disagreed with me. Doesn't matter, I expected it.

LegendKillar3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

your criticizing zhuk for being a fanboy when your just coming off as one yourself, thats why the disagrees are coming from.

razorbladelight3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

yeah Legendkillar took the words right outta my mouth. I mean like I posted in another article, every system has a fanoy clan behind it (and i will admit I am one as well for Nintendo), but ps3 fanboy's are the worse. I mean yeah its fun to flame each other for the love of our system of choice (or else gaming outside of the system wouldn't be fun and sites like this would have no purpose for leaving comments), but when you go around claiming fanboism is a "disease" and you exemplify said disease then wtf? doesn't make you any different then the next fanboy since it's pure bias ignorance, but I won't go around telling people "yeah you're [email protected] stupid cuz you're a 360 fanboy and not the right kind of fanboy... a ps3 fanboy." enjoy your system, flame fanboy's but don't insult the act of fanboism to try and hide that you're a pretty big one yourself- makes you look sort of... stupid.

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Wii60Fan3736d ago

Who has a 360 already has a PC

Tmac3736d ago

Poor excuse, even the Wii has it.

PirateThom3736d ago

Hell, even the PSP and DS have it.

Same with wi-fi.

Peekay3736d ago

but for heavens sake I wish they'd open up their hard drive to allow stuff to be copied on like the PS3. And yeah the Wi-fi thing is a biggie as well, but they cant really open that up.

mikeslemonade3736d ago

How ironic the payed service is the only system who has no web browser. PC, DS, PSP, PS3, and Wii all have web browsers.

PimpHandHappy3736d ago

ingame music is stupid because everyone has a cd/mp3 player!

MS wants total control of the 360 and XBL! All the proof you need is how you spend money on it! Spend MS points! Thank you come again

If you havent seen PSN gift cards around you they are around now. I bought a $20 spot and got SSHD!

I dont want to flame this because this can be a real debate (doubt it) but how you spend your money tells ppl more then you think! When XBL goes free they will also lose MSpoints and they will go the way Sony has gone! Level up with medals and use real money to buy things!

thebudgetgamer3735d ago

can you plese tell me where you got the psn prepaid from?

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GiantEnemyCrab3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I surf on my 360 all the time. If you have Vista or WMC just download the web browser plug-in and away you go.

MCE Browser:

This article says you can't enter text which is not correct. But it does not support a full size keyboard yet.

BigBaehr3736d ago

Wow, and it hasnt red-ringed yet? Surprising.