What Final Fantasy 13 Will and Wont do for the Xbox 360

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"Yesterday our own PS3 expert released a little story that some of you may have read. A story of intrigue,but today is a new day. Today you will hear the other side of this story. You will hear about What Final Fantasy 13 Will and Wont do for the Xbox 360. So sit back Grab a beer or your respective drink, and get ready to read Minimum Wage Gamers ( What Final Fantasy 13 Will and Wont do for the Xbox 360"

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Poor Xbots3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, for the FF13 experience, it is still the PS3, you can't get the FF13 experience without FF13 Verses.

Poor Xbots

Edit: Also, M$ bribed for FF13 to come to their console, so how can you not feel guilty playing FF13 on their console?

Breakfast3737d ago

We're a lot alike.


Poor PS-retards...another lost exclusive.

Lets see which ones theyve lost.

Fatal Inertia

Thats just off the top, of my dumb head.

Skip_Bayless3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

GTA was a timed exclusive last generation.

DMC4 was a ruined game cause it had to devevelop for both systems and so the game didn't sell systems on either system except in Japan for the PS3.

Assasins was only annouced for the PS3 to begin with it was never an exclusive.

FFXIII is timed exclusive for PS3 and full exclusive on in Japan so only the PS3 will benefit the system seller aspect of FFXIII.

Fatal Inertia I can play a mod on UT3 that is just like it. Oh yea the 360 version doesn't have mods so you must pay for Fatal Inertia just to play it.

Micrsoft gaming studios sucks they can't make there own games so they pay quadruple the price for 3rd party favors. They're going to run out of money soon. What's in store for 360 in 2009? Nothing!

Micrsoft gaming studios biggest annoucement was a game that won't come out in 2010 and it's also coming to PS3 a year earlier.

B-Rein3736d ago

U jus sed it all, totally agree, my friend bubbles for you

CAPT IRISH3737d ago

it will be a great game to play and thats enough for me

chaosatom3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

not so much for Microsoft.

ice_prophecy3737d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Correction :D

Do wonders for Final Fantasy Fans.

I don't give a rat's arse about people who like sticking their penises into the CD drive of their favourite console

FantasyStar3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

At least consider the fact that there are some real FF and Sony fans out there whom took it personally when FFXIII went multiplatform. It's their reaction and I'd pay it forward to respect it as well as disagree, backed up by reasons why I think the way I do. The way you put it; you sound like a bigot and that isn't helping. This whole 'non-biased' gamer mentality crap you're putting on is stupid and doesn't contribute as much as you think it does.

ice_prophecy3736d ago

We are all given the liberty to have an opinion. Your opinion counts as much as mine. There is no point in you pointing fingers and giving names.

FantasyStar3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

The 'un-biased' gamer mentality is more problematic than people don't want to believe it is. The idea that "owning all 3 consoles" means you're a "true-gamer". I don't like the idea of people perpetuating as being 'above the fanboy crowd' cause then it antagonizes the entire community and then tensions just rise more and more between those who claim 'non-biased' and those who have a love for their console. I'm not directly insulting you, but rather the entire group of so-called "un-biased gamers" who say they are un-biased but go out to perpetuate their opinions are more credible than others because they own a 360 and PS3.

People will have their own perspective on a situation and we owe it to our liberties to express an opinion to respect that perspective, even though we may not agree with it or flat out disagree with it.

ice_prophecy3736d ago

True. However, I also the question the benefit of outright 'fanboys' to the industry. Naturally we are talking about two extremes of the spectrum here. I still feel that these two extremes are over represented on the internet, and are, in reality, only marginal when considering the wider population.

RemmM3736d ago

I'm going to download the PC version when it arrives XD. Although I'll need to upgrade to a monster gaming rig.

ice_prophecy3736d ago

I might get the PC version as well as a console version.

:P you speak of downloading? I highly recommend that you purchase it as well.

Sayai jin3736d ago

Will people enjoy the game, yes. Thats all that matters, no matter if the graphics are better on one version or the other, or you have to swap discs, no matter if the game used to be exclusive, no matter if 360 do not like JRPG's (LOL)blah blah blah. It does not lmatter if you like it or not, it happened. No reason to take it personally. Are you going to still be able to play it, yes! People that own both consoles will enjoy it.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3736d ago

It would be six discs on the XBOX 360 and one full disc on the PlayStation 3. They're going to use the PlayStation 3 like it was an exclusive. I don't think this person realizes that you can compress files on the Blu-ray disc from my knowledge. It's just that you have a choice.

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belal3737d ago

poor bots

we allso took bioshock :) and that will be better than your game ;)

all MICROSHAFT can do is steal exclusives.

Mwaan3736d ago

The whole point in Microsoft getting Final Fantasy was to help them out in Japan, but it won't be released in Japan. You can thank Sony and their dirty money for that one. I wish Sony would quit bribing the Japanese devs. They're ruining the industry.

Panthers3736d ago

I just cant wait to play this and Versus!

B-Rein3736d ago

Same here Im lookin more forward for versus then any other games

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