IGN: Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame: 16-Bit Era

Back in April, IGN opened up the first wing of their Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame to 8-bit video game characters. QB Eagles from Tecmo Super Bowl, Glass Joe from Punch-Out, Star Man from NES Pro Wrestling, the Thrilla Gorilla, and the Zamboni Drivers from Ice Hockey served as the inaugural class into our still-being-constructed structure of great glory.

Today, IGN is proud to announce the five newest members of the Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame, who will occupy the 16-bit wing. IGN present a mix of two-sport stars and people who play in sports that don't even exist, re-branded video game characters alongside people who don't even play these fake sports. All deserve recognition, and on these next several pages, you'll read about their triumphs. IGN start with a video game icon whose game came out a generation too soon.

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