DailyGame: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Battlefield has long been a multiplayer game. For that matter, it's also been a largely PC-based affair, with EA only recently dabbling into the console realm. EA/DICE's initial console venture with Battlefield was serviceable, but as much as console gamers like their online play, they also like a compelling single-player experience, rendering the first BF console outing lukewarm reviews.

Fast-forward to this summer, and DICE has not only learned its lesson, but spread it wings. Battlefield: Bad Company, the latest in the storied shooter series, has charted new territory on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: a BF game that has multiplayer options but isn't driven by them, that mixes destructible environments with vehicle-based gameplay, and that illustrates that DICE can not only expand the BF universe, but improve upon it in nearly every way.

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