Cammy likely to appear in console Street Fighter IV

DarkZero: Capcom recently ran a poll asking fans what character they'd like to see appear in Street Fighter IV. The list contained many characters from the older games, such as Hugo, Dee Jay, Fei Long, T. Hawk and Dan.

However, even with all of that Street Fighter heritage in there it seems Cammy came out head and shoulders above the rest, as during an appearance at ComicCon Yoshinori Ono, the games producer announced she was the winner of the fan poll.

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devilhunterx3737d ago

uh why not put them all in, lazy gits. or they will release bazillion SF4 version and keep adding 1 new/old character each time

SolidLiquidSnake3737d ago

Really that would be great! If they put all characters in the game, that will be EPIC!

Nick55383737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Cammy should be a nice addition to the cast of characters if they do decide to add her in. I have to say that I really don't like Rufus, though. He's such a stupid looking character. I also think El Fuerte looks a bit too Virtua Fighter-ish for my tastes...

SmokingMonkey3737d ago

more characters please and future downloadable ones too.
where's AKUMA?

Skerj3737d ago

That's good, I hope it's true too since they could actually make Bison's reappearance plausible now without f*cking up the storyline with needless retcons.

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