Armored Core: For Answer Nabbed By Ubisoft, Ships This Fall

Gamecyte writes: "While most of Ubisoft's Q1 fiscal report will consist of the usual gigantic sales numbers (up 25.8% to 169 million Euro) and a smattering bold, forward-looking statements, there's also something for gamers to look forward to. On the last page of a press release, the international giant confirms that they will publish the formerly import-only mecha battler Armored Core: For Answer on PS3 and Xbox 360 this fall."

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zPlayer3833d ago

this game is WICKED!! i have it in japanese cause i didn't think that it was gonna come out but i guess since it is i'll be nabbing it up too.

btw i was gonna post this news too. dang you vasilisk!

Alexander Roy3833d ago

I hope they fixed the slowdowns and the awful controls from AC4. I wanted to buy it, but the demo killed it completely for me.

Swiftfox3832d ago

You can remap the entire controller to whatever you want, I don't see how you could have "bad" controls if you make them. Unless you mean something else.

Now Last Raven....those were......unique but you got used to them. Just be gratful that you can now use the left annologe stick for the camera instead of the shoulder buttons.

Swiftfox3832d ago

I am happy to hear that Ubisoft has taken control of publishing over Sega. Now maybe the PS3 copy of the game will recieve ALL the regulations ON TIME.

However, I doupt while localizing the PS3 version of the game they deliver trophies, since there were none for the Japanese PS3 version.
It'd be cool though.