Shigeru Miyamoto Has Good News For Amiibo Skeptics Like Me

Stephen Totilo writes:

"I’m optimistic about many things in gaming, but I’m a confirmed Amiibo skeptic. I fear the day a Zelda dungeon or Smash Bros. character is locked out for those who didn’t purchase the right $13 Amiibo figure. Well, at least I don’t need to fret about the new Star Fox’s use of Amiibos."


Shigeru Miyamoto would like to hand over Nintendo to someone 'younger'

Nintendo's Miyamoto is looking to hand over the reigns to a younger developer who can take his stead.

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Inverno17d ago

Will that matter much when the other old heads will most likely say no to anything a younger dev would say?

RaiderNation17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

They're not going to put someone in that position with radically different ideals. The "culture" of Nintendo is as a company and a brand is as iron-clad as any you will find. I guarantee you, no matter who fills Miyamoto's position, they will hold the same philosophies as he does when it comes to game development.

VenomUK17d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto should hand over Nintendo to Xbox's Phil Spencer. Can you imagine what he would do to the brand with Microsoft's financial backing?

Cacabunga17d ago

A bit late for this impossible transition.. its at least a good thing he handed over Zelda to Aonuma. But Miyamoto’s creative mind is unmatched

Jin_Sakai17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

“Shigeru Miyamoto should hand over Nintendo to Xbox's Phil Spencer. Can you imagine what he would do to the brand with Microsoft's financial backing?“

As if money fixes everything. Have you seen the state of Xbox?

Nintendo Switch will go down as one of the best selling consoles in history and they’ve released countless great games. Nintendo actually have passion for gaming and make stellar games. The complete opposite of Xbox.

Redgrave16d ago

VenomUK is obviously baiting. Come on guys.

Inverno16d ago

Then not much point in giving the reigns to someone younger if they're not going to push ninty in a somewhat newer direction.

RaiderNation16d ago (Edited 16d ago )


Myiamoto won't live forever and at some point he will retire. He's going to have to hand it over to somebody eventually. He probably already has an understudy that he's grooming to take his place.

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Terry_B17d ago

Should have done that 15-20 years ago already.

solideagle17d ago

I hope to someone who cares for games and industry rather profits...

KwietStorm_BLM16d ago

Out of all the companies in the biz, Sony is who you call out for that of all things? lol how

Christopher17d ago

Yeah... a business is definitely not going to prioritize profits. What we want is profits plus a care for games. You're not getting one who doesn't care about profits.

Rainbowcookie17d ago

Its a matter of time but it would me a great loss.

cthulhucultist17d ago

By younger he probably means someone 60+ years old :-)

If any one has seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi movie ( will probably know what I mean by this

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