Mysterious The Last Guardian Images Show Trico Skeleton

Team ICO are no more, and now the developer has now changed names to genDESIGN who have some new images of The Last Guardian hidden away on their website. The pictures show a mysterious Trico skeleton in different stages.

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ThichQuangDuck1207d ago

Trico being a colossus is certainly on my mind. I still think the boy possibly dies leading to Trico becoming dormin

gaffyh1207d ago

That's a good theory, is The Last Guardian set before or after ICO / SotC

ThichQuangDuck1207d ago

Spoilers(been 10 years guys)

If we look at the ending as SoTC as the prequel to Ico then based on that pattern I am guessing Last Guardian is prequel to Shadow of Colossus explaining how the forbidden land and Colossi came to be. How were the Colossi made from dormin? Who separated them? If this is the last guardian what is Trico guarding? How did the boy get there? Many questions arise. Just remember the horn boy at the end of SOTC

medman1206d ago

Good stuff, very good stuff. I'm very excited for so many games in's hoping for no delays.