Not So Fast, 3G

PC World writes: " You can't miss the slogan--it's plastered everywhere. "Twice as fast. Half the price." Just this morning, in fact, Apple posted a bunch of new ads that repeatedly drive the point home about the 3G wireless speeds of the iPhone 3G as surely as if we were all strapped to that chair from A Clockwork Orange.

While there's been no end to the dispute over the true cost of the iPhone 3G when you factor in the monthly service charges you'll be handing over to AT&T (along with your firstborn child), less attention has been given to actual wireless data speeds of the iPhone 3Gs versus the original iPhone. Our fearless leader, Jason Snell, did run some speed tests in the course of reviewing the iPhone 3G, we wanted to look a little further into the matter and find out if the iPhone 3G really twice is as fast as its predecessor.

The answer? I'll have to say definitely maybe, if you can excuse the reference to the recent Ryan Reynolds weeper. We were spurred to action by an e-mail from reader Jeff F. of the great Metro-Boston realm, who said the speeds he was getting on his iPhone 3G were a mere shadow of those that AT&T and Apple were touting; he also pointed us to a MacRumors forum thread of people having similar problems. So, we decided to do a little informal testing of our own."

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Premonition3763d ago

It varys from place to place, I believe AT&T should strengthen their 3G coverage other than that my speeds are just fine especially when i did a speed test with my friends 1st gen iphone i would for example load 2-3 pages before he would load his first. So again speeds depends on where your at and things like that.

FantasyStar3763d ago

I noticed the article didn't talk about coverage and geographic location. It doesn't take a techno-nut to know that wireless coverage is very dependent on geographic location as well.

aiphanes3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Remember SA is ATT home least until they move to dallas. Plus a lot of early iphone 3G users have the wrong older version of the firmware installed. 345 not firmware 2.1 is in beta...and ATT is in the process of upgrading their 3G network.

I just order mine from ATT today...I will tell you peeps what speeds i get.

Iphone 3G is sold out in most of texas...

Millah3763d ago

Lol, maybe they should look at their signal strength etc.

I have perfect 3G reception here, along with EDGE, and my 3G speeds on my iPhone are even faster than what Apple claims, so the writer needs to take certain things into account before pointing fingers or anything.

ar3763d ago

I don't know about the US but in Sweden there have been several reports of the iPhone not even getting 3G coverage at all while other phones have had full signal strength (even standing 50m away from the base station didn't help). Something isn't right with the iPhone.