1UP: DC Universe Online Hands-On Preview

1UP writes:

"I'm not sure how I ended up being assigned to cover Sony Online Entertainment's first public hands-on showing of its upcoming MMO DC Universe Online here at San Diego Comic-Con. I don't do MMOs, and back when I read comic books, I mostly dabbled in the Marvel universe, with the occasional side excursion into DC's out-of-continuity titles like Sandman, Kingdom Come, and Watchmen. Sure, I've seen the Superman and Batman movies (yes, even Superman IV: The Quest for Peace), but all I really know about the DC universe is that every once in a while, the writers have to hit the reset button so continuity-obsessed fanatics will stop bugging them about how that one time in the '70s where Lois Lane became a black woman for a day can be reconciled with Lex Luthor's latest scheme, and how come we never see Krypto and Super-Horse anymore, huh?"

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