Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Patapon 2

Announced at SONY's Pre-E3 Press Conference (although having already been unveiled by Electronic Theatre days before), Patapon 2 is the sequel to this Easter's similarly named Patapon.
Having been deemed one of the PlayStation Portable's most compelling titles – alongside LocoRoco, which also has had the benefit of having a sequel announced at this year's show – fans of the first title can expect more of the same; only bigger.
Details are still scarce, but what we do know is...

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sistersnake3737d ago

I haven't found this much detail anywhere else! This is fantastic! Four-player Multi-Player? All the people who say the psp's dead need patapon2.

mathsman3737d ago

I don't think one old school game is going to do the psp much good.

sistersnake3737d ago

It's not old school noything like this has ever been done before!

mathsman3737d ago

I menat beacuse it's just a 2d platformer.

mgirl3737d ago

I love the PSP and I love Patapon, but I don't think this one game can save the system somehow.

kevco333737d ago

I'm not a huge fan of the console on-the-whole, but you can't deny it does have a handful of good games - of which, Patapon is arguably the best. Patapon 2 may not save the PSP, but at least those who already own one have another good game coming...

xxBATTLECATxx3736d ago

it doesnt need saving.....
ive got loco roco
final fantasy 7 CC
god of war
metal slug
and metal gear
and im lovin all of it
next in line is patapon 2 loco roco 2
and the kingdom hearts game

BigBaehr3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Lame? Then why bother commenting. This game is the sh!t. Have fun losing your first bubble and welcome to N4G.

dadice3736d ago

Hey man, I was just expressing my opinion. Your saying that it's "the sh!t" but you've never played it keep your fanboy comments to the Open Zone.

Covenant3737d ago

It's a bit off topic, but I thought that some of you might enjoy this. I submitted it to badjoystick a few months ago:

BigBaehr3737d ago

lol That made my day. Bubbles.

micro_invader3737d ago

Haha that was hilarious man. Bubble up.

Anyway, 4 player multiplayer sounds cool but I wonder how it will work.

xplosneer3737d ago

Well, I was already sold, but that's great.

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