Delays Continue For Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 "Cagney" Update

Kotaku: Criterion is now "aiming," as it says, for an early August release for its long-awaited "Cagney" update to Burnout Paradise on Xbox 360. The developer had originally announced a July 10th release date, but now says August 4th is the "EARLIEST" (caps Criterion's) that it can be expected to be available.

The update rolled out onto PS3 on time, marking almost an entire month's delay for Xbox 360 users. "We're in the final stages of testing the revised version and will announce a concrete date as soon as we have one," wrote Criterion on its developer blog.

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Solid_Snake6663741d ago

i thought xbox never falls behind

GiantEnemyCrab3740d ago

It doesn't %98 of the time but nothing is perfect. Criterion have always been pretty crappy on the 360 and have always placed priority on the PS3. I'm not surprised they are struggling and could care less what buggy, framerate riddled update they are giving that Burnout mess. Nobody is playing it much on Live anymore and I seems like its been played and forgotten on the PS3 already.