Guitar Hero: World Tour Setlist A [Beautiful] Fake

Game Informer reports:

"A list of songs has been floating around online today, purportedly comprising the Guitar Hero: World Tour setlist. With songs from bands like Tool, Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy, it looks like a music-game lover's dream. Well, the folks at Activision and Red Octane are pinching us all awake with the announcement that it's a fake. We spoke with a representative who confirmed that, while some of those songs are indeed in the game (Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher," for one), the bulk of it is wishful thinking and pure speculation.

And we were so looking forward to the boss battle with bassist Sting, too. Drat."

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cereal_killa3737d ago

It sorta looked just like the other one listed for Rock Band 2 set list with some changes but it s too bad that Guitar Hero set list was a fake it was sweet list of tunes that pretty much made my decision to what to buys when released but i have a funny feeling that when the real list is reveled it s going to be just as crappy as rock bands

inStereo3736d ago