Fanboyism: The Scientology Of Gaming

AnalogHype:I've been thinking a lot lately due to my lack of free time I've been having this summer. I guess it was my lack of gaming I've been able to endure that made me more open minded about certain things. As I was sitting in my room playing Call of Duty 4 for the first time in weeks, I thought to myself "hmmm, what exactly constitutes as a fanboy?" This then lead to an even bigger question ", why do fanboys always bash other consoles?" Then this led to an even bigger question "what is the point?"

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bunbun7773740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

How refreshing and down to earth. I love how he astutely points out about the viral marketers that may or may not be instigating these constant "ouch my console!" arguments.... and while yes, it is nice to think of people being somehow paid to be this argumentative/ie: stooopid/ -we can not blame our problems squarely on the shoulders of the shadowy multi-billion corporations. The sad truth is most people that complain about their respective evil counterparts are locked into a truly pitiful existence, like soccer fans. (sorry that was low) But really- if you take the majority of all that you focus on, like say video games, and start neglecting things like say, family and relationships, then it is possible that all the problems you have may one day morph into an evil laughing ps3 or 360 face, and then you too will be taken by the madness. Peace in the middle east!