Uncharted Trophies coming August 22 writes:"While listening to the Playstation Nation Podcast we heard that the Uncharted Trophies are coming on the 22nd of August which is just under a month away. Quite a while for those craving for them.

We contacted Naughty Dog earlier for confirmation and one of the representatives responded"

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Bordel_19003736d ago

I've been wanting to play this through again, now with trophies I'm gonna do it for sure. Great news.

Lifendz3736d ago

I've actually been holding off on playing it again until the Trophies are out.

Playstation Man3736d ago

One of the best games on PS3. Best of 2007 by far!

theusedfake3736d ago

I've been holding off on playing it
again until trophies also, but I'm
not sure that I want to wait a month
it's an amazing game.

maybe just one more playthrough for
me before trophies hit ;)

Max Power3736d ago

and i rented the game, about 75% through it, but i think i am going to get rid of that file and buy the game when its released for greatest hits and get me those Trophies.

xhairs93736d ago

Any idea as to when the greatest hits collection comes out? I've been holding off for the trophies to buy it as well as the price drop from Greatest Hits.

jaysquared3736d ago

Its funny to read about all these PS3 owners wanting to get Trophies and such when many of you guys were saying that Achievements on the 360 were cheesey or useless..

NegativeCreepWA3736d ago

1.6 And every one of them is going to deny it.

on topic: I might gamefly it again for the trophies. I already got a high enough gamer score now I need to get some more trophies.

sonarus3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Well there are still a few of us who still don't get excited for trophies. I had SSHD a while back played it and loved it.

Trophies came did i love it anymore because of trophies? No
I have like 1 trophy do i because i don't feel like playing the game to get trophies.

Some people feel this way which is fine but not me. I like the idea for trophies but not enough for trophies to become an advantage. Like saying 360 version is better because of achievements is nonsense to me.

Anyway, i suspect everyone is excited because its still a new feature. SSHD got downloaded a lot for trophies alone. When trophies become a regular occurence, people won't be so crazy about them anymore.

That being said, yes i will be playing uncharted again when trophies come out. I love the game and have played it on the hardest like 3 times. I want to play it again but i am holding out for trophies but i won't be playing to get trophies i will just be playing.

jaysquared3735d ago

"Well there are still a few of us who still don't get excited for trophies. I had SSHD a while back played it and loved it. "

And there was a bunch of you who bashed the Achievement system for the 360 but now are loving it since your console of choice has it as well..

Max Power3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

i couldn't afford a ps3, for the longest time, but my brother and i combined finances and got a MGS4 bundle. So i guess i have been missing out on games and downloadable games. before my brother and i got our ps3 i rented Uncharted to play on my cousins ps3, and i enjoy the majority of the game. But i was unable to get enough time on it to beat it while i had the game, i knew i was getting the system (this is before trophies) so i didn't feel bad not beating it because i knew i was going to buy it when i got mine. then, i believe, that during the E3 show uncharted was the one of the mentioned for the greatest hits, so i was going to buy it then, of course with this news (of trophies) it just solidifies my idea of purchasing this game. I have never criticized MS owners because of achievements, but i do enjoy the prospect of the RPG element of the trophy system.
and yes i purchased SSDHD because of the trophies, because that was an incentive to buy the game. there was nothing about it that made me say 'wow this game looks great its a must buy', so far no downloadable game has that effect on me, other than Echochrome. So make of it you will, i have my reasons for buying that game, as among thousands of Xbox owners for buying dumb games because of the achievements, atleast i know that my game is good.

Tomdc3735d ago

i was a quarter of the way through replayin it when they announced trophies 4 it so I stopped lol

LiquifiedArt3735d ago

I haven't even touched the game since i bought it (Too many games, other life things happening) But i'm sure i'll get to all the games i got. Once Trophies come out i'll beat the hell outta it. Hope they release the Burnout trophy patch in August too. I'm almost 100% complete on that game.

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[email protected]3736d ago

Great!!! and Disgaea 3 will arrive on the same week >__<
But, anyway I'm for it! both Disgaea 3 and THOSE trophies.

Lucreto3736d ago

I was playing assassins creed and Uncharted until I heard about the trophies and stopped playing.

Can't wait for it and does anyone know if Ubisoft confirme they are not doing trophies?

[email protected]3736d ago

I'm sure that Assassin's Creed won't receive trophies that's so crystal clear to me. So, u can play Assassin's Creed and wait for Uncharted patch.

Tmac3736d ago

Yeah, Ive beaten uncharted 8 times already, I cant wait to make this the 9th.

WIIIS13736d ago

Good PS3 games are that scarce huh?

Cinos1233736d ago

I really don't understand why most game companies just dont come out saying "Hey our game is going to be patched with trophy support" Im sure it has something to do with they don't want to pay the people that actually do the work to get the trophies working and spend more money on an older game.

Take a look at infinity ward they said they're not going to be implementing trophies outright for CoD4, I mean they just said no...not even a "If consumer demand is high enough than maybe". Why would you even do that? I think they should have waited to see how well Stardust HD sold before saying that.

If anything NOW is the best time to say there will be trophy support. I mean I'm sure I'm not alone to say that I turned into a trophy whore as sson as 2.4 came out.

TL;DR.... More companies should Implement trophies into their old games now before trophies become mainstream for ps3 owners.

Max Power3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

SSDHD specifically for Trophies.

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