Fallout 3 In Australia: The Real Skinny

From the article: "As it turns out, the situation isn't as dire for the Australian crowd as some would paint it: Anyone who wants Fallout 3 is free to order it elsewhere with no risk of penalty. "The main thing to realize is that Fallout 3 hasn't been 'banned' in Australia, it's just been refused classification," Yug said. "That means retailers here can't sell it (because they can't sell a product without a rating) but it also doesn't make the game illegal. So no jail time for importing games that have been refused classification!"

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SuperSharpShooter3741d ago

Its funny that Australia banning this game, thank god they wont jail people for importing the game, aussie had to many criminals back in the day(uk criminals sent to Australia years ago didn’t you know)

Tony240ZT3741d ago

Doesn't it cost a bit more to do this? I don't get why prices are so high for you guys to start with.

Dzpool3741d ago

It still sucks that they banned the game. I feel for the Aussies you guy will still be able to import this game which looks like it is going to be amazing.

Mc Fadge3741d ago

360 owners however, not so lucky :<

Hey... Does this count as an exclusive in Australia then? XD

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