Fanboyism in Gaming Society

TGR - "These days, when one registers for a new gaming forum, meets up with fellow gamers at an event of some sort, or converses with a number of their friends, one tends to notice a trend. An overwhelming majority of the gaming populace is aligned with one (or two) of the three current-gen contenders. Often, if your views do not match theirs, you are cast out or singled out as an imbecile who must not know what they are talking about since (insert system here) is obviously the console of choice. Speaking with these individuals is nigh impossible, as many of them are stalwart supporters of their company and will back them 110%. Of course, that doesn't mean they're going to do it in mature or healthy ways."

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cain1413739d ago

I hate fanboys...

(Self loathing is never good though j/k)

predator3739d ago

you will get them were ever you go be in the gaming industry or not

resistance1003739d ago


look at every industry

Computers - You have Apple & PC 'fanboys'

Sports - You have people who will defend there team in the same way people on here defend there consoles

People will always have opinions, and thats just life.

bunbun7773739d ago

How refreshing and down to earth. I love how he astutely points out about the viral marketers that may or may not be instigating these constant "ouch my console!" arguments.... and while yes, it is nice to think of people being somehow paid to be this argumentative/ie: stooopid/ -we can not blame our problems squarely on the shoulders of the shadowy multi-billion corporations. The sad truth is most people that complain about their respective evil counterparts are locked into a truly pitiful existence, like soccer fans. (sorry that was low) But really- if you take the majority of all that you focus on, like say video games, and start neglecting things like say, family and relationships, then it is possible that all the problems you have may one day morph into an evil laughing ps3 or 360 face, and then you too will be taken by the madness. Peace in the middle east!

JEDI WOLVERINE3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I could ask someone "what car do you drive" they reply "a ferrari" and i say "ive got an old ford" - conversation isnt terribile.

I could ask someone "what your best film" they reply "starwars" and i say "i love gone with the wind" - conversation isnt terribile.

I could ask someone "what console do you own" and you can tell before they reply by their face that if they havent got the same console as me its gonna be an awkward silence or 1 upmanship from the get go (if we both have just the 1 console obviously)..................

outlawlife3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

fanboyism = annoying

own what you own and enjoy it for what it is, you don't need to turn it into a pissing contest

nintendojunkie283739d ago

....Dead on!...also your avatar is bad a$$