Full Moon Show Episode 30

The team discuss E3, give updates on Resistance 2 and Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty, and answer your questions about both. In addition, they have the guys from Sony Bend on to talk Resistance: Retribution, and Gameplay Programmer Mike McManus tells you about his job. And they say goodbye to our good friend Rolf.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Next episode will be 8/14/08 due to travel schedules.

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:03:30 - Quest For Booty Update
0:14:55 - Resistance 2 Update
0:32:44 - Mystery Guest of the Week - Resistance: Retribution
0:44:42 - I Want Your Job with Gameplay Programmer Mike McManus
0:56:00 - Community Update
1:10:28 - Closing

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Avto3830d ago

As always very interesting.