Lara Croft's adrenaline moments in Tomb Raider: Underworld

Siliconera: "While swimming toward the ruins, Lara is targeted, as usual, by the local predators - this time by sharks. While submerged, the player has recourse to a spear gun and sticky grenades, which the developers have dubbed the "instant sushi maker." There are bioluminescent jellyfish stationed by the walls of the ruins that provide a light source for exploring the caverns, and also pose as a hazard that the player must navigate around. Lara can also use a flashlight, which unlike Tomb Raider Legend's has an unlimited power supply. As Lara passes through dirt-strewn passages after climbing out of the water, her face and feet will noticeably be streaked with grime."

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kadosho3737d ago

Even the smallest details can add a lot more to a game.
And with Tomb Raider, its just that level that brings more into the series.