GOA Review : Kung Fu Panda Review

With the Colourful and comedic animated movie recently gracing our screens and the rare success of movie to game transition tie-ins, the average gamer would be right to cringe at the almost redundant possibility that this game would fall into the basket of mediocrity we've come to expect from such projects.However, on the rare occasion such as this, Activision have carefully crafted a very delightful and accessible adventure. Not only doing Justice to the film, but creating a very entertaining and enjoyable stand alone experience for children and adults alike. The Basic Plot of Kung Fu Panda, sees you playing the roll of a festively plump Panda bear, named "Po". Po has dreams of being a true Kung Fu master, but as a large Clumsy Panda bear with more ambition than talent, Po seeks out the help of Master Shifu and the five other Kung Fu masters known as the "Furious Five". With their help Po sets off on a very humorous and charming adventure to overcome and subdue "Tai Lung" the game and movie tie-in's main Villain.

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