Tecmo: Rygar in development, blame Nintendo for no Fatal Frame at E3

Rygar for Wii seemed to disappear off the map a few months ago; As such, people began to doubt whether or not the game was canned. A Tecno representative has commented on the situation, however, and confirmed that in spite of no news, the game is still in development. The same PR represnetative additionally commented on the lack of Fatal Frame 4 at E3, noting that it was up to Nintendo to show off the title. "Several of you asked about Tecmo's other titles that have been announced in Japan which were not on display at the show. Fatal Frame 4 (Wii) will be published by Nintendo, so please contact your Nintendo PR contact for further information."

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Genesis53791d ago

Can anybody tell me why this is only on the Wii? Seems a little foolish to me.

ChickeyCantor3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Obviously the Wii-mote.
And Nintendo = publisher

I still dont get why E3 still matters?
Is the developers word not enough?

Zerodin3791d ago

You don't touch yourself ENOUGH at night!

Genesis53791d ago

Oh believe me I couldn't possibly touch myself anymore than I'm already doing at night.

N4g_null3791d ago

If you've seen the videos for this one you wouldn't care what it's on. Seriously this is the cinema game I wanted to play. Really great work on this one and amazing to see the Wii pull this off.

Product3791d ago

to genesis:

i think a couple a reasons can be said about that.I mean they could have thought of bringing it to a console that sells more software then other platforms.
Or they could have not wanted to spend all the money to make Fatal Frame with high def. graphics and sell less software on the other "hardcore" systems.
They could of made it knowing the wii has less competition for hardcore titles makign it easier to sell copies,compared with ps3 and xbox already having so many hardcore titles to choose from it maybe not have sold aswell.

Kinda like the situation with killer 7 ....that sold more copies on gamecube then when it got released on ps2,prolly due to the ps2 having so many core titles.

i dont know but in the end it was most likely money based..isnt everything?

Genesis53791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Yeah you're probably right. Just a little sour grapes. I played the other 3 was kind of hoping to play this one.

Bazookajoe_833791d ago

But what can you do, i just dont hope more developers goes this way =(

Zerodin3791d ago

Too bad for you Wii IS next gen.
Remember, it's not YOUR standards that count, it's what the industry says!

madjedi3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )


Sorry but when nintendo finally gets its online in a respectable form, ie drops friend codes and uses actual names for players. As well as solves their storage solution problems, then it really will be next gen regardless of it's lower graphics capabilities, not stuck somewhere between last and this generation's standards.

matts821733791d ago

Mark my words. They better port it to the other systems.

nintendojunkie283791d ago

...and the fact that they are overseeing the whole project..tells me that it will sell

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