MK Vs. DC : Shazam! Art Render

New character art render for MK Vs. DC released. Shazam! aka Capt. Marvel Art render

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ThatArtGuy3791d ago

His name IS Captain Marvel. Shazam is just what he says to turn into Captain Marvel.

...stupid 70's TV show.

htownplaya3790d ago

I know that but theirs 2 Capt Marvel's. DC's and Marvel's version.....and Marvel has rights to the name meaning the DC capt. Marvel can't be referred to as Capt. Marvel therefore he is being referred to as Shazam in the game

LostChild3790d ago

Oh man that is going to be one sweet match up. Now if only Doomsday is in it too.

Havince3790d ago

but everyone knows Marvel rules and apart from Batman DC sucks arse