More Killzone 2 Direct-Feed Gameplay (HD)

Here now is even more of Sony and Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2, the slick-looking PlayStation 3 exclusive FPS that fans are definitely waiting for.

Be sure to watch this video as it contains footage captured before the cameras were rolling on the stage at G4's E3 '08 Live.

(HD available at Source, SD embedded below)

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Captain Tuttle3764d ago

I think I've seen it on here before. It might be a duplicate.

Anyway, GG has to stop using "pre-Alpha". It doesn't even mean anything anymore.

ash_divine3764d ago

some of the stuff does look familiar. Maybe it's from E3 2007. I don't know.

Barreldragon003764d ago

Ya we have seen this level before but that was when they were showing it in the background and the guy playing sucked. The guy playing right now doesn't fully suck so its new.

fenderputty3764d ago

I hear ya man. In 07' when we saw the footage is sort of made sense. Now, after another year of extremely apparent polish, they're still using it. I think it's safe to say the game looks amazing and you can drop the whole "pre" thing.

The game does look fantastic though.

killax35633764d ago

The voice acting in COD4 is 100x better than the voice acting in this KZ2 clip.

If Gueriella doesn't fix the voice acting, its going to hurt the game big time.

ericnellie3764d ago

That whatever bugs are in the game - they'll be fixed before release. This game still looks amazing;)

morganfell3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Download it here:

COD4, worst scripting ever. Not the script, the scripting. Go here. As you approach, your guys run inside and start the fight. Enemies spawn spawn spawn, move to the next point. Super linear do exactly what you are told when you are told nothing else. COD4 has zero, I mean zero room for player creativity. That means a replay value of zero.

HateBoy3764d ago

So true, so true, agree 100%. But the MP though... We can only hope KZ2's MP is as good or better than cod4, that they learn the appropriate positive aspects of cod and halo mp and take it even further, just imagine! I hope its as awesome as I expect.

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SeanScythe3764d ago

Yeah I've seen it before because I remember when the last guy he kills strangely flys across the ground to the other side.

yesah3764d ago

beautiful, only problem i could see was that the voice acting was sub-par in some areas.

AngryHippo3764d ago

......awesome!!!!i am super impressed

Sega Saturn3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Hope it's better than their previous games.

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