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1UP's James Mielke: "As someone who's ­- as the years march on -- become less interested in how utterly hardcore a fighting game can be and more concerned with how a game can move the genre forward, I'm glad to say that Soul Calibur 4 achieves both. Balanced and feature-rich, SC4 improves on the groundwork of core fighting mechanics laid in the series' previous iterations while giving players a virtual fighting sandbox."

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ash_divine3742d ago

I know people who doubted this game.

Bordel_19003742d ago

I have to admit I was one of them, I'll be getting SC4 first thing when it's released though.

Liquid Dust3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I have no idea how you can doubt a Soul Caliber game, each one has brought something new to the table both graphically and gameplay wise. I personally still play SC2 pretty frequently, Killik was rocken then, looking foward to street fighter as well, good year for fighting games

so when is Blazblue headed to the states?

Panthers3742d ago

Well Im just not into fighting games. I want to pick this up, but I am getting a new TV tomm. and my funds will be limited after that.

kewlkat0073742d ago

Anyhow...Fighters genre is not for everyone. I missed SC 3..for some reason but I had SC 2 for all the consoles because of the different characters(Yes I know) Link was the sh^t on Gamecube.

I wanna hear about the Online and the differences between the 2 consoles.

I recently bought SC 1 on XBL and since it does not require SF type motions, it's not too bad with the controls.

Frances-the-Mute3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

im with you, im gonna give them a big "i told ya so!!"...... 5 more days peoples, cant wait! :p

Playstation Man3742d ago

So my attention will be on Siren: Blood Curse for the time being. Good to see some solid reviews!

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TheHater3742d ago

WTF, I cannot seem to unlock that last person between Dark Vader, and his apprentice. Been trying for five days now to unlock that person. :(

ash_divine3742d ago

dude, I don't get mine 'til next Tuesday. what gives you lucky bastard?

TheHater3742d ago

I live in NYC, so a store I know broke the street date. And me and by friend got our copy :)

Nevers3742d ago

hahaha... whimper... cry

okcomputer3742d ago

I'm in nyc too.. PLEASE tell me what store that was.

TheHater3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

ok, I send you the store name, and other detail that will help you out
The online isn't working as yet :( Well for the ps3 version that is. I hear that they online for the xbox 360 works.

@The gaming GOD
No, the store isn't in China Town. It is in Brooklyn

kewlkat0073742d ago

shucks oh well, hows the Online?

The gaming GOD3742d ago

Is the store that broke release date in chinatown nyc.

Cus if it is, I know the place you're talking about.

kewlkat0073742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The online isn't working as yet :( Well for the ps3 version that is. I hear that they online for the xbox 360 works.

I would only get this game for the PS3 because the controller is better for Fighters and always have been.

I did purchase SC1 Original on the 360 and it wasn't too shabby, but with your post (Not having Online) might of sealed the deal.


iHEARTboobs3742d ago

The online for the PS3 might not be up yet because the game isn't supposed to be out yet.

boodybandit3742d ago

How long are the load times between fights on SCIV for the PS3?

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LiquifiedArt3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Looks really great, but I saw another person's review of the xbox 360 version and they said the online was laggy. I guess we'll see. Hopefully my connection will be sufficient.

Also it seems they removed alternative fighting styles ala SCIII. Which kinda stinks. I had my created characters use those, so they didnt mimic one of the existing fighters.

Here are the reviews!


The Cirtical Finishers video has footage of each character's Finishing move.


- Loss of past Game modes: Survivor, Conquest

+ Tower of Souls Mode is fun

Character Creation:

- Loss of Alternative Fighting styles (meaning only able to recreate styles from main characters)

+ Great Skill system

Critical Finishers:

- Near impossible to ever pull off in a real fight

+ Pretty to look at and something new


- Laggy Online making Guard Impacts are useless

+ It has Online play.

+ Score: 85%

I'm still buying the game. But what are your opinions on it.

Relcom3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

well this makes me happier about my preorder.

If they messed up Ivy i will kill someone.


What happened to A+?

Edit:@ Bordello1900 No problem, we all mess up

Bordel_19003742d ago

You are right, it's A/A+, sorry about that.

TheHater3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Ivy is my favorite character, and it really fricken hard to play as her if you don't have a joy stick. That why I need to purchase a joy stick. Because without it, you are going to get school every time when playing as her :(

Actually she is exactly like the SCIII Ivy. But a little more difficult to play as :(

LiquifiedArt3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I'm an Ivy master. And they really nerfed her in SCIII. Her SCII iteration was awesome and very fluid. SCIII not so much. I hope this is at all minimum a goodmix of the two.

@TheHater: Well that sucks lol. But whatever i'll make due. And yes I ONLY use a controller. WOoT! DS3 FTW!

TheHater: I'll add you to my PSN.

Relcom3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Agreed, I had a Stick for my PS2 but i need one now for the PS3. If you know any good brands i'd gladly take suggestions.

@ hater your a saint thanks bro

TheHater3742d ago

That they one my friend have. I am also planning on getting that one

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power of Green 3742d ago

Dam I have to wait a few day after this launches to pick it up. I thought this was going to be an 8 scoring game. This is my favorite fighting series.

3742d ago
power of Green 3742d ago

I don't get it? you think I'm Juuken?.

Why are you replying to me personally attacking others?.

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