Thunderbolt Preview: Space Siege

Matt Wadleigh reports:

''It was clear on the show floor at E3 that PC games weren't getting all that much attention. While a number of great games are coming out this year for the PC, whenever they were shown, usually the Xbox 360 version was demonstrated and the PC version was only mentioned in passing. PC gaming certainly represents a smaller portion of the money pie, so I guess it's to be expected, but it's still depressing to someone who greatly enjoys PC gaming. So, defiantly, I tried to get my hands on every mouse and keyboard I could find, showing every PR person at the show that some people still do care about computer games.

One of the games that I ended up checking out was Space Siege from Gas Powered Games. Coming from the makers of Dungeon Siege, this game plays like, well, Dungeon Siege, just on a ship crusing towards a colony in outer space. Alright, that might be a bit unfair – the game is very different from Dungeon Siege in many regards. While the point-and-click gameplay might be familiar to people who've played other games from the company, the futuristic setting and cybernetic upgrade system give the game a distinct and unique feel that separates it from its spiritual predecessor.''

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