'Alpha Protocol' Will Have Plenty Of Sex Scenes, 'Ladies' Man' Achievement

"Alpha Protocol"'s dialogue system doesn't just offer a variety of ways for player-character Michael Thorton to get missions.

It can also help him pick up women. That is, if you select your responses wisely.

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DarkBlade3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

O_O I hope they're better than Mass effect's

Mausenheimmer3741d ago

In fact, he can “get” all of the game’s women if he wanted to. Rucinski told me it was possible to have sex with all the females, and that the sex scenes were similar to how “Mass Effect” treated its intimate moments. But he was quick to assure me that, “It’s a mature game, it’s not [adults only].”

From the article. I liked the way Mass Effect handled it.

okcomputer3741d ago

That comment + your avatar = creepy lol

ZombieNinjaPanda3741d ago

Haha bubbles for making me laugh!

SmokingMonkey3741d ago

WTF i guess it's because GTA makes a lot of money, or maybe it was because CJ was black
america is full of racist prudes. i know i live here

kingme713741d ago

Hey Baby, wanna play with my Wii?

devilhunterx3741d ago

shouldnt you be in the kids section?

TheColbertinator3741d ago

Achievement Unlocked

Giggity Giggity

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