Keiji Inafune Wants To Restore Japanese Game's Glory

With the Japanese gaming industry and it's gamers not showing much interest in big title games anymore, it's a sad state in comparison to what it was in it's glory days especially in the action-adventure genres. From surprising master pieces like Okami, Shadow of The Collosus and Zelda series they're are now far and very few between.

Now Inafune want's to invigorate the Japanese development community again to bring back those glory days of surprising and innovative games by creating Recore into another potential Japanese master piece.

With Hidekya Kajima creating Scalebound and now Inafune himself creating Recore it seems Microsoft wants to bring that missed out potential to the US market where big title games are more popular than ever before especially in contention to some corporate media who tried to claim console and big games in the US is dying. As a result may influence the Japanese gaming industry once again.

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Retroman3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

if Kenji inafune re-introducing classic games im all for it.
im very sure fps open world games are boring now since 2006 ........ c'mon Kickstarter developers bring excitement back to video games . normal developers not doing it, same rehash from 2006 being made.
have not bought a game since 2002 NFS , 2003 R&C
that's SAD

Hoffmann3274d ago

Just create game console games that make the Japanese Kids want to play them instead of sticking to Mobile Phone Games.

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Phar0ahad33274d ago

So you make an xbone exclusive.......thats how you save japanese gaming smh

pompombrum3274d ago

Was thinking the same, the revival of the Japanese glory days... on a console that was dead before it even launched in Japan.

REDDURT3274d ago

When PlayStation is out front gamers always win.

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The Xbox showcase brought the E3 magic

After having to prove itself for years, Xbox doubled down and pulled it off..

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GaboonViper2d ago

Yep Xbox absolutely knocked it out of the park with that stunning show, it was everything a gaming showcase should be, games games and games, well done team Xbox.

CrimsonWing692d ago

It really did. Like I came out of that with the hype for new games I haven’t felt since… well the better years of E3.

monkey6022d ago

It was without a doubt one of the better showcases in years. There was plenty there that excited me. Something has been lacking in years on all platforms

EasilyTheBest2d ago

It was an amazing showcase I loved everything about it. Can't wait to play some of those games.
What's going on. 4 comments & no negatives yet. Wow, what's going on with N4G.

ThinkThink2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Show was so good, it made me forget about that blue dragon rumor until the next day. Too many games to process.