Sony "Happy" With PS Vita's U.S. Sales Last Year

SCEA's Shawn Layden says the device sold better than Sony expected, and insists that it is still a vital indie platform

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MzDino1209d ago

I...I just want more games to play on my Vita :(

Blaze9291209d ago

"sold better than Sony expected"

Dang, not even Sony has faith in the Vita anymore

"insists that it is still a vital indie platform"

is that what it is now?

deathtok1209d ago

You can't evaluate that statement on its own as a "bad" statement. For example, saying "The Vita smashed sales expectations" is literally the same thing.

Numbers, my friend. That tells the story...

Viper71209d ago

Time to lower the bar or try something new?

LOGICWINS1209d ago

The key to a great handheld is having franchises that are EXCLUSIVE to that handheld.

Most worthwhile experiences on Vita have a bigger/badder version on or eventually coming to the PS4.

KZ: Mercenaries on Vita
Shadowfall on the PS4

LBP Vita
LBP 3 on the PS4

Tearaway on Vita
Tearaway Unfolded on the PS4

Persona 4: The Golden on Vita
Persona 5 on the PS4

Uncharted: GA on Vita
Uncharted 4 on the PS4

Sony, from Day 1, promoted Vita as a mini-PS3...when they should've promoted it as a standalone handheld with its OWN exclusives/mascots.

Conzul1209d ago

I want them to kill Vita and start on a successor.
NEEDS#@%^@#$% 1080p screen, decent battery, 4G connection, and waterproof like the Xperias before it will ever take off.

But it needs exclusive game support. They can make cross play/buy if they like, but there need to be many games EXCLUSIVE to the Vita 2 or w/e

Viper71209d ago

No, key to a great handheld is to have a working system with working services and many great games. Exclusive or not doesn't really matter as long as the game is good.

Now key to a very successful product is a mystery.

//when they should've promoted it as a standalone handheld with its OWN exclusives/mascots.//

You do realize that Sony doesn't have anything like Pokemon or Mario?

Promoting a system with unfamiliar mascots like Locoroco and Patapon doesn't sound like a very good strategy.

I also disagree with your most worth while experiences on vita part as I tend to like stuff like Senran Kagura, Muramasa and Everybodys golf a lot more. But thats just me.

Dir_en_grey1209d ago

During the buy $100 get $15 sale on PSN last week, I was browsing the Vita store and was surprised a lot of JRPG/JAdventure games got ported over.

There were actually a lot of games I would like to have in my library but just wish the price was lower as I don't have time to play them all.

MehGames1209d ago

All I want is for games to be imported to the US.

fermcr1209d ago

"Sony "Happy" With PS Vita's U.S. Sales Last Year"

I guess Sony had really low sales expectations for the Vita...

cell9891209d ago

I think theyre happy cause theyre still making money

GameDev11209d ago

Well there are 350 plus titles coming out for the Vita and more even coming, here is the link

Yeah they might be mostly indies and JRPGS, but it clearly shows the Vita doesnt lack games it just lacks exclusive AAA which were its main appeal, but Sony clearly dont want to waste money on AAA budget game on Vita when they wont get much return (Scott Rhode actually said this)


Love that spin, with Vita hitting 4 million in Japan and beating expectations in US, Sony are clearly satisfied with what the Vita is now and unfortunately that wont change for the people who want big titles that take advantage of the hardware

Magicite1209d ago

At least its selling better than MS's handheld, oh wait... :)

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ZaWarudo1209d ago

Please lower the memory card prices.

generalwinter1209d ago

This system might not be dead like people say - it still has a following

Viper71209d ago

It's doing OK on Japan and in the west it seems to have pretty good following from those who are in to "Anime games"

Then there's the indie following who like to be able to play games such as Binding of Isaac and Hotline Miami on the go.

I belong to both of these groups so pretty happy with the system.

OldDude1209d ago

So does the Atari 2600.

GameDev11209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Vita was never dead, gamers love to exaggerate about Vita's presence. Most dont even know it has sold over 10 million units, it evens sells well as a PS4 companion.

Vita just doesnt have that appeal it had in its early life so to most gamers it might as well be dead


Can you tell me the last sales figures for the Atari 2600 to show it actually has a following?? Yeah I thought so

mikel10151209d ago

How low were their expectations?

ritsuka6661207d ago

Sony have low standard. No suprise...

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