PS4/PS3 Exclusive Tales of Berseria Gets New Direct Feed Screenshots, Artworks and Details

Today Bandai Namco released a new batch of direct feed screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Tales of Berseria, also including some more information about the setting and main character.

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PhoenixUp1301d ago

PlayStation is the platform to be for a broad range of titles

miyamoto1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Only the PlaySaviour 4 can restore the balance of video games from east and west and it is revolutionizing gaming again as we live and breathe.

The true global champion of video gaming accepted all around the world.

The Second Coming of Japanese games to the west is upon us.

Viryu1300d ago

If it's going to be anywhere near as good as Tales of Xillia, it's a month one buy for me XD

BG115791300d ago

When does this comes out? I want it now!!!

scark921299d ago

Is this not on PC also?

akiraburn1299d ago

Right now Berseria has only been announced for PS3 and PS4. However, Zesteria's western release was announced to be coming to PS3, PS4, and PC, when previously in Japan is was only released on PS3. My best guess would be that they are wanting to gauge possible interest from the PC crowd for the series, if they were to release any future Tales titles on the platform. So depending on Zesteria's performance may indicate if Berseria or others end up on there as well.

scark921299d ago

Oh, I guess I just got mixed up with Tales Of Zesteria, I do have not played any of the games you see so I am not well informed, thanks for that though :)

akiraburn1299d ago

No problem bud. The game series is actually a lot of fun. If you tend to enjoy JRPGs, action RPGs, open worlds games and/or action oriented anime, the game has a lot of features centered around those ideas. The combat is fast paced and action oriented, a bit more like a Kingdom Hearts title than most of the Final Fantasy series (though that still isn't quite accurate), but that's the closest it comes to comparing to another title. Meanwhile, the rest of the Tales series' content has an entirely different approach than most other games out there.

Character development happens through normal story progression (as you'd expect), but also through optional segments where there's head-shot perspective scenes and the characters interact with each other. There's systems for cooking skills and learning new recipes (those give temporary buffs and heal the party), synthesizing new items/weapons, and much more (dependent on which game, there may be certain additional features that another doesn't have). Advancing your combat techniques is often a matter of using different skills a certain number of times, which can then end up creating an entirely new skill. And there's plenty more to discover.

If you happen to have a way to play PS2, PS3, or Gamecube games, I'd suggest checking out a few of the different Tales series for reference. Specifically, Tales of the Abyss (PS2/3DS), Tales of Symphonia (but not the sequel, GC/PS3), and Tales of Xillia (PS3). Those are probably among most of the fan favorites out there, though Zesteria and Berseria look like they will be pretty awesome as well. I know a number of folks also enjoyed Vesperia (US on XB360, Japan PS3/360), but I never had the chance to play that one.

scark921299d ago

Awesome, I will keep my eye on it, I own PS2, PS3 and PS4 so I guess I will pick one up someday, most likely the PS4 games, I do enjoy Action RPG's quite alot and I have massive love for Kingdom Hearts so even if the comparison is minimal, still interests me, even the amount of content seems appealing! Thank you for sharing!

That_Guy2441299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I'm hopeing Berseria will get a PC release in the west when it comes since Zestiria is getting one. If Zestiria sells well then Berseria will most likely get a pc version as well. Would really love a pc version of Xillia and Symphonia would gladly buy them.

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