Skylanders Superchargers Developer “We are such Nintendo Fanboys"

"Gamerfitnation got the chance to interview a Skylanders Superchargers developer and boy was he giving us lots info. In this interview, we spoke about the potential for other licensed characters in the game, how they feel about new rival competitors, and why Skylanders is so amazing."

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This was such an awesome power play by activison. Letting Nintendo know whose boss

WhiteWolf989581212d ago

Hopefully this means that there will be enough Bowser and Donkey Kong figures to go around. I've never seen any Amiibo in stores other than the *regulars* (Pikachu, Link, Mario, ect.)

It's going to be so cool to see those two interact with the world of Skylanders

JuleyJules1212d ago

If they're such fanboys they should release Nintendo starter packs with Bowser and Donkey Kong so you can get both. Skylanders can then be purchased separately. As it stands now you can only get both if you buy two starter packs for Wii U and either 3DS and Wii. Why would you want the Wii & Wii U packs and what about those of us who don't own a 3DS and don't want to own one? As fanboys you'd think they'd know how frustrating buying amiibos has been.

Redinfamy1212d ago

All I have to say is Sold OUT !

N0TaB0T1212d ago

Contributing to the Scalpers eh?

Redinfamy1210d ago

You sound paranoid, but no. Pretty much you have two big huge passionate fans, and collectors of both.... so common sense = Sold OUT

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