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Killer Instinct Season 2 is everything fans and players wanted, creating one of the best fighting games on the market today for Xbox One.

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Hoffmann1264d ago

Looking forward to buy this on PC. It was the only game at Xbone's launch that interested me.

It does not look good in comparison with other new fighting games but the gameplay is whats counting and Ki delivers a lot of fun. After some play sessions I would easily give it a 9/10. Wish it had only a couple more characters and I did not see the story mode yet.

Mkai281264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Lol @ disagrees. Well the only characters it's missing is Tusk and Kim Woo. Also shadow mode is a beast, fight my shadow if you dare!

Hoffmann1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

In this case I was really unsure why the comment got over 5 disagrees.

Maybe some people were angry because I wrote Xbone, or they were from the "opposite side" and just give disagrees for anything positive about an Xbox game..or they disagreed with my positive opinion about the game or that I think it should have more characters.

I am just spoiled through fighting games with 25-30 characters maybe. After around 2 years it has not even 20 now. 10-12 character per season would have been a lot, but I think Microsoft really needs "Killer Games" "Must Have Games" with a lot content. Tusk, Kim Woo, Eyedol, Gargos would have been good opportunities to make KI a "complete" Ki experience after the 2nd season.

I hope they do a 3rd now with those 4 and maybe a couple of guest characters now.

Haven't seen the shadow mode yet myself but read only very good stuff

2016 is a great year to buy a new PC or upgrade it. Alone already because Ki and Street Fighter V. Lets see if Namco ports Tekken 7 to PC as well.

Rookie_Monster1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Same here, can't wait for SFV on PC as well and crossplay! Your Bison avatar reminded me of SFV. :)

Good time to be a PC fighting fan. The only difference between the 2 fighting game is that I don't need to re buy KI that I already own in 2016 as the XB1 version of KI is on the same Windows account for PC and vice versa so it is like get 2 for the price if 1, so to speak. For SFV though, I have to ultimately decide between the PC and PS4 version and of course I always chooses PC.

FlexLuger1264d ago

Same here with SF4. Buying it on PC, day one. hopefully its on windows store so I can add the achievments to my XB gamerscore.

_-EDMIX-_1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The lolz, I don't get the folks disagreeing. Its MS that doesn't want to keep em exclusive. They are done making content ONLY on XB as they've stated they still have plans for more announcements, oh well. Why disagree? We all still game and any game coming to a system we want it on is still a win for gamers, only those that seem to care about losing an exclusive seem to be fanboys. I know many gamers that legit only wanted a XONE for KI.


as they hinted years prior to this. So at the end of the day, who cares? This whole disagreeing with anyone that brings up a PC version makes no sense and is just a bit too immature, its like your little fanboy wars isn't MS's, they made a choice long ago to support both PC and XONE and its clear something isn't working out with just making XONE exclusives, don't get mad at fans, blame MS for not fighting the good fight lol.

Again...your war doesn't seem to be MS's as they clearly have more to offer PC gamers, ie more exclusives lost. The only folks that might be hurt by this, might be those that bought a XONE solely for some of those titles and have fully working gaming PC's as they purchased an XONE unbeknownst to them, a version was being made for PC, a platform they own.

Its great for gamers all around, can't wait to try it out for PC.

Will all the DLC that come from KI come to the PC version day and date or all they done with adding things to the game?

Edit @4log-respect! lol,if your a huge fan why not? I know if MGSV was only coming to a certain platform or Persona 5 and they where the only titles I wanted for that platform.....hell yes I would buy it lol. I own 3 versions of Tekken 5! On PS2, PSP and on PS3 when it had online. Regret nothing!

4logpc1264d ago

I actually picked up an xbone at launch for KI, people said I was crazy but I wanted that game so bad.

jetlian1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

yea edmix to bad pc gamers gotta wait though. Ill take mine now please.

Kribwalker1264d ago

I buy consoles because I don't have the interest or time to build a gaming PC. I'd rather buy an Xbox one then Ps4 then whatever Nintendo has so I can play all exclusives they have and not worry bout a gaming PC and upgrading ect. Consoles are nice one step solutions to gaming and it's cheaper to buy all three then to keep upgrading my PC. But I agree the more MS games go to PC the better. Opens up a massive install base and if they support more and more crossplay they are opening up there online service to a massive audience. Then they can position the Xbox as a strictly gaming PC for a very reasonable price as an entry level for people like me that don't want to spend the time or money upgrading and building

gangsta_red1264d ago


I agree.

I have a PC but I really don't game on it too much. I mainly game on consoles, but for those that do have a PC and game it's great that MS is giving the same games offered for Xbox and having them be apart of the Xbox Live online community through cross play.

In my opinion this isn't a loss to MS or anything to deter someone from picking up an Xbox One.

@Edmix, you really think that 'lil Timmy's mom or nana will choose a PC over the ease of just picking up a Xbox One console?

magiciandude1264d ago


In fact, that is one of the major reasons why I decided to switch from PS to Xbox. The integration between my gaming PC and a console is a solid idea. I never felt so excited and confident in a console for a lot time like I do my Xbox One. It saved console gaming for me.

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Godz Kastro1264d ago

nice, great fighting game!

Mikefizzled1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Killer Instinct, budget fighting done well. Hopefully MS will give the project a little more money for season 3. One of my most played games on XBO.

Dewitt1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Well deserved, IG did an incredible job of giving each character a distinct personality, skill set, and look. Plus adding shadow mode and the fantastic story, keep it up IG.

lemoncake1264d ago

Game started off a bit meh, but after the 2 seasons it is now a great fighter game. Cannot wait to see what they do with season 3.

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