Another Xbox Support Nightmare

There seems to be an increasing number of horror stories from Xbox 360 owners who have had to call Microsoft's Bangalore-based tech support call center. When your reason for calling is a bricked console, one would think it would be a painless and quick procedure to get the thing replaced or repaired. Apparently not the case, according to Brent from

"I run a tech company and a support organization. I'm overly courteous to tech support people because I know they have a tough job. My friend J bought an XBOX 360 bundle at Costco and it bricked on him in roughly two weeks. I was over there Friday night and decided to call XBOX support for him since he's kind of a hothead about these things."

Read on to see how it went...

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DJ4331d ago

I hope to god we don't ever have to hear from people like this ever again. =/

Dusty4331d ago

A bug in the comment script made it possible to spam the site. It should be fixed now, also our next update will take care of most of the problems we have on the site today.

(We had to delete all his posts which will lead to some confusion as other members posts who replied to the spammer still stand.)

DJ4331d ago

I was referring to the Sean character, whose posts are now deleted. This was a surprising article since I've never been harrassed by customer service before. I've been lied to, but never had them yell at me.

benihya4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

he bought an open box which the first buyer have activated Xbox live sliver on, and Xbox have stayed in the store for 2 months after it was returned.
I think this is why Microsoft support think that the console is 3 months old.

Brian3604331d ago

I,ve had no problems with Microsoft support, this story is either fake or an isolated case..

MicroGamer4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Go to the forums on and you'll see all sorts of threads about rudeness from customer service people. One person was even accused of being a racist because he couldn't understand what the customer service person was saying with his heavy accent. Since most people who own 360's are in USA or UK, they should have their customer service in one of those countries. Where is their support center for the Japanese, I wonder?? Or the French or the Germans?? I doubt they many people in Bangladesh or whatever third world country they outsourced tech support to understands any of those languages. If they can have tech support in their own country, why can't we??

mellowspaz4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

Definitely not isolated. Everything, minus the extremely rude customer representative, happened to my brother as well: had to speak to many supervisors, xbox was out of warranty, fax a copy of the receipt, etc. He didn't receive an angry customer representative, but did receive empty promises of them handling the situation. I love my 360 but the customer service at Microsoft really bites. They hire teenage kids who have no idea what they're talking about.

Nodoze4331d ago

If the console was in fact purchased at Costco, you could have saved a boat load of time. Costco warranty's all products it sells....for LIFE. If the console is dead, take it back to the store for a direct swap out.

I had a digital camera purchased refunded in cash to me after 4 years of ownership. The camera was faulty, and they did not have a replacement available. In this case they will simply allow for a 360 swap out.

Costco RULES!

Screw the MS warranty.

bung tickler4331d ago

I was just going to say the same thing, or if you got the system at walmart just say "I called MS and they told me to take it back to the retailer" 9 times out of 10 they will say "OK" and exchange it for you. That way you get a news system instantly.

shikwan4331d ago

This is just coming to light with most people but I had a nightmare of a time dealing with Dell's support which is also outsourced in India. This is by no means an isolated case and not directly MS's fault. Do a search on Dell's support and you'll find many horror stories coming from them ever since they move their support overseas.

Bush signed legislation which GIVES companies tax breaks if they outsource. Companies can then run their business cheaper AND get a tax break by outsourcing.

Gh0stDrag0n4331d ago

It is all the evil Bush's fault, he is the devil according to psyco communist dictators of third world countries.

Ravenator5294331d ago

Been there before!

Not with M$ but with Best Buy.

I had a T.V. that was under Best Buy's extended warranty program (which cost me $200).

After 1 year, two televisions, 5 service calls, 4 months of waiting for parts, and hours of customer service calls, only then did Best Buy hold up to their end of the warranty.

I filed with the Better Business Bureau and the States Attourney General's Office. Here is my conversation with the SAG's office:

SAG rep: "You might want to try to work something out with Best Buy"

Me: "That would mean that I would have to compromise with what Best Buy states in their warranty about replacement".

SAG rep: "I understand, it's an unfortunate situation. But Best Buy is a huge nationwide retailer. You should take what they are offering you! Even if they didn't fully follow the warranty, you might end up more stressed out than you already are. And then end up with nothing!"

What else could I say? This was the States Attourney Generals Office telling me this!

It was the lowest point that I have ever felt, being a consumer!

There was a lot more to what was going on with the television. It would take a very long time to explain.

Granted, I like big chains because you always seem to be able to get great deals on merchandise, but just hope you don't have to put up with their customer service.

M$ is no different.

Gh0stDrag0n4331d ago

To he11 with Best Buy, Circut City, and all the big box stores. They all suck. Shop online.

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