Sony Not Focused on ‘walking around’ with Project Morpheus

This year has seen virtual reality (VR) technology has quickly transform from a focus on a seated experience to allowing players to physically move around a limited space. Valve’s SteamVR system, for example, introduces Room Scale tracking, allowing those using the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) to walk around an area of 15-feet by 15-feet and have those movements replicated within an experience. The Oculus Rift will be offering somewhat of a similar concept with its constellation tracking technology. But what about Project Morpheus, the upcoming HMD for PlayStation 4?

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SeanScythe1214d ago

good last thing i want is to be connected to my PS4 with a wire while walking around and tripping over something pulling my system off the shelf.

SaveFerris1214d ago

I agree with you there. Also, you have to watch out for the coffee table.

SmokingMonkey1214d ago

This what to expect from AR Gaming;

This is what to expect from VR Gaming;

I don't want to get run over in the street thank you.

lolosgolos1214d ago

This article is talking VR only and it seems the other VR companies are offering more tech with their gear according to the article. Having an option to move is better than not one at all but you know fanboy logic will tell you otherwise

SmokingMonkey1214d ago

You gotta think of it as Baby steps to a Holodeck and getting "Jacked In" to the Matrix.

Camera Gaming was a baby step.
Motion Gaming was a baby step.

VR will be a baby step.

I'm not convinced on AR, as the Watchdogs version showed you what it would all be about, I could see it being cool for Exercise Gaming - Like Pac man in the Park or some parkour adventure. Might be cool.

The weird part about Morpheus/Rift is the space around you affecting the game. WE would have to be inside a giant hamster ball inside a living room for movement in VR. It may come in the future, but for now, the next stepping stone is VR.

MysticStrummer1214d ago

That's good. I want to sit on my couch with a controller in my hands and the VR goggles on my head. Tracking head movement and/or hand movement is great, but any game that wants me to move around the room is a game I won't buy. I'm sure the people in the apartment below me don't want me jumping around anyway. lol

AgentSmithPS41214d ago

I wouldn't mind using VR as a walking simulator in parts of Witcher 3. Some people live in ugly areas or places with awful weather IRL. Maybe they'll eventually support the "slippery walking thing" that I've seen in some VR articles before.