9 Games Consoles That Got It Completely Wrong

There have been so many consoles over the years, and while we all have our treasured favourites, our selective memories tend to filter out the stinkers.

The following gaming systems got it completely wrong by mis-judging the market, jumping the gun, or generally not getting what customers wanted at all. Some of these platforms actually had some some great games, only for marketing, pricing, or the company’s attitude leading to a spectacular downfall.

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Stringerbell1212d ago

BS on the 32X /CD. By all means pile on the 32x It was a pointless system. But dont tack on the Sega CD because its the thing to do and the AVGN once upon a time made a funny video about it. The release date of the CD and 32 X is separated by three years. And about two million in sales in favour of the Sega CD.

All this article does is give repurposed wiki summaries ending with it just sucked. I'm not saying that the Sega CD was a great system but it certainly wasn't the total failure that people make it out to be.

Side note if you want to make a list of consoles that got it wrong, dont forget the 5200. It's more at home on the list than 'smartphones.'

/end rant

shodan741212d ago

I think the reason why the Mega CD is mentioned is that, together with the 32X, it was a crucial part of Sega's major mis-step in terms of putting out constant hardware releases over a number of years instead of concentrating on building a single kick-ass successor to the Mega Drive.

Completely agree on 5200 though. Would have included the 3DO too.

FarEastOrient1212d ago

No Phantom on this list!?!

DanJenkoFMV1212d ago

Wouldn't say Nintendo lost its hardcore audience with the Wii, but in fact expanded their audience. There were still brilliant Super Mario and Zelda games for hardcore fans that incorporates motion controls well.

I'd say the failure of the Wii U is down to the console itself, not the legacy of the Wii.

Antifan1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Nintendo lost their hard core fans by catering to casuals with the wii. They wanted to replicate that success with the wiiu, but the casuals got confused, assumed it was just a accessory. Casuals don't give a damn about Nintendo. Now Nintendo lost their hardcore and casual audience. Just look at the sells, the misconception from the general public. Wii U was doomed because of its association with the wii.

GhostTurtle1211d ago

Well said man. Couldn't have said it better.

WizzroSupreme1212d ago

The Ouya proved just why micro consoles are not a thing.

Agent_00_Revan1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

My best friend had an N-Gage. He looked so stupid talking on that thing, and we never let him forget it. You had to hold the phone sideways to talk. The thing looked like a taco, and thats what we always called it. It was very funny.

I backed the Ouya. Seemed like a good concept. But in the end, I never played anything on it except Roms and used it for XBMC, whicg it wasn't too great at. I sold it for nearly what I paid for it luckily.

SolidGear31212d ago

I owned the Jaguar and 32X

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