Destiny: The Taken King puts Guardians at an intergalactic crossroads

GameZone: "Destiny is a game that's all about social connectivity. It's about coming together with your friends and blasting apart Fallen, Vex, Hive, Cabal, and other Guardians. Bungie, the people behind the Halo franchise, has a long and storied history of embracing their fans and listening to their every need. Unfortunately, the team I once revered is testing my loyalty, and it's truly a shame."

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averagejoe261215d ago

I met you at the Big Sean shoot!! I also agree with this article 100%. I want to keep loving Destiny but it gets harder with every update from Bungie.

JWiLL5521215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I actually think the rumored content is fine for a $40 expansion.

The only issue is the weird collector's edition package and the fact that Bungie/Activision are apparently unaware of international exchange rates.

If you're in North America and just go with the straight TTK expansion it's good enough value.

GrimDragon1211d ago

Your all suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Destiny is your crack and rehab might be your only escape.