Gaming Age Review: NCAA Football 09

Brian Peterson Writes:

"For quite some time now, EA has unleashed the NCAA Football franchise upon the gaming public. As much as they have attempted to really capture the college atmosphere, it can be fair, or unfair to say that what you get at the end of the day is a stripped down version of Madden with some college environments and game play elements tossed in.

With that said, this year's NCAA is one of the best NCAA titles yet gameplay wise. The new motion control system makes every cut, juke, and spin, change of direction feel smooth and seamless. Wide Receivers have a variety of catching animations such as the toe drag; the bobble, one hand, and etc. double of last year. Home field advantage, which is supposed to be one of the big things this year, is not so big after all. The only noticeable things about the Home field advantage are when playing away the crowd will progressively get louder as to what happens in the game."

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