Bungie Weekly Update – 06/24/2015


This week at Bungie, we’re working hard to fix what’s wrong with the Collector’s Editions for The Taken King. You’ve voiced your objections. We agree wholeheartedly. Now, our attention is focused on creating solutions. These things take time, so pardon our silence these past few days. In moments like these, actions speak louder than words.

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taijutsu3631301d ago

Minor Backlash? Lol with many forum threads and reddits being made with people saying they wont be playing Destiny cuz of this DLC? Sure. But at least they actually did something bout it!

iSLiCK1301d ago

Too little, too late, for most I think.... And I agree...

OCEANGROWNKUSH1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

This should have never got this far, the DLC milking was bad enough and the "deal with it" eurogamer interview really was a slap in the face for loyal fans.

leemo191301d ago

Its great they separated the content, so you can buy it anytime, whats not great is overpricing the cosmetic items. So were pretty much paying full price of the TKK disc base version if were to get the cosmetic items and TKK, just without expansion 1 and 2, that is absurd.

kayoss1301d ago

Basically they're telling us that these cosmetics items cost as much a The dark below or House of wolves DLCs. Is it just me or these cosmetic items are over priced? Shouldnt be more than $10 imo.

pompombrum1301d ago

I hope in part 2 he is going to address Bungie's own special currency conversion rate and why they are ripping off the English.

Aenea1301d ago

Just the English? The Euro prices are crazy too...

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The story is too old to be commented.