Dragon’s Dogma Online PS4 Version Gets New 1080p Screenshots; Two New Classes Announced

Today Capcom released a new batch of screenshots of Dragon’s Dogma Online, this time from the PS4 version of the game.

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MeteorPanda1210d ago

let's just hope the elemental archer doesn't fail like they did in dark ascension


Lord_Sloth1210d ago

HELL YEAH! *fistbump*

Just want a US announcement.

camel_toad1210d ago

Thats exactly what Im thinking too. Need that announcement. Loved the first game and Id hate it if we didnt get this one.

joab7771210d ago

Exactly. Thats what I want. Until then, it's a tease.

Reverent1209d ago

I think you meant to say "Dark Arisen".

I'm guessing you're an MTG player for naming "Dark Ascension"? :P

MeteorPanda1206d ago got me! dark arisen/dark ascension, both played around the same time, l am only human XD

Magicite1208d ago

Wheres Deep Down, Capcom, huh?

rezzah1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

They were one of the best classers in DA, the electrical attack ruined everything due to the areas being small.

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Viryu1208d ago

Were there any news about a Western release?

rezzah1208d ago

unsure if itll release here at this point.

JAMurida1202d ago

And still no news on US/EU release. Don't even see the point in looking at something we won't even get at this point.