GameDaily: Far Cry 2 Preview

Far Cry 2, the sequel to Ubisoft's impressive first person shooter, follows a new soldier deep into the heart of Africa. He finds himself in a perilous situation, pitted against rival warlords and their rival gunrunners. To top it off, he's also suffering from malaria, which stunts his performance. In order to survive, he must perform missions for both sides in order to restore peace.

One change for the series is that Far Cry 2 requires you to work closely with your allies, whether played by the AI or by humans. If you've got a downed soldier on the battlefield, you can rush over to him and survey the damage. From there, you've got a major choice on your hands – heal him or kill him. Killing him cuts your manpower short, but gives you more of a challenge in taking on missions yourself. Healing him not only makes him an asset in battle, but also gives you a shoulder to lean on in case you're near death.

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