Shadow of Mordor 2 could not be in development at Monolith Productions

Z-Giochi writes: "Our doubt comes from a recent job posting published on Gamasutra, through which we discover that Monolith is looking for a Technical Art Director who, among other tasks, will have to deal with:
Set pieces (blowing up a city, an entire level falling out of a plane).

This strange, but very specific, task let us to guess that the next Monolith game could not be Shadow of Mordor 2, but another IP well separated from the Tolkien's world (planes in Middle-earth?!)".

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Relientk771302d ago

I really wanted Shadow of Mordor 2 eventually. The first was awesome and so much fun.

Guess we'll have to wait and see

riskibusiness1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Yeah....Dune! This is going to be great!