Gaming Podcast Episode 389 Asks "Should Nintendo Skip E3 2016?"

Part of this long episode was recorded live from the LA Convention Center floor at E3 2015, where Jonah and Paul were fresh off waiting in line for Disney amibos. There were some news items covered there, while a few more news items were recorded here.

The Question of the Week: “If Nintendo isn’t revealing a new console, should they skip E3 altogether in 2016?”

All this and listener feedback, too.

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marloc_x1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I think between Zelda, Nintendo Network revamp with DeNa and some insight into Nintendo's next gen..

I am looking forward to the next Uncharted demo next summer though :)

Neonridr1210d ago

since NX will probably have a presence, no. In fact I honestly think that for next year's E3 they should go back to a stage show, especially if they are revealing new hardware.

addictedtochaos1210d ago

No, they should not skip E3, but they need a bigger presence, a stage show for all the big announcements/ trailers, a digital event for developr stories and additional info, and treehouse for gameplay demos.

Sirk7x1210d ago

Skip it. If Nintendo truly wants to do things their own way, they should just ignore E3 completely. Would probably create more positive buzz than if they went. I see E3 becoming less relevant these days anyways. How many games were leaked and known about this year? There were a few surprises, but with social media companies already have a platform where they can reach their customers nigh instantaneously.

Moonman1210d ago

Well E3 will be re-named to NX as far as I'm

They need to do a stage reveal and then a digital event....

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