Phil Spencer Talks Winning the Console Race, Possibility of Another Forza Franchise and More

Xbox chief Phil Spencer talks winning the console race, the possibility of another spin-off Forza franchise and the lack of Twisted Pixel at E3.

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StrayaKNT1216d ago

Dear Phil, after announcing backward compatibility, you won the race my friend and you ended the war.

iTechHeads1216d ago

Yeah you wish don't you? It will take years for XB1 b/c to actually be something worth considering. That's if they don't give up on it again like they did OG Xbox B/c.

Ron_Danger1215d ago

I would've clicked "ignor" on aussie's profile so long ago but then I'd miss out on these insanely delusional comments. And I'm mainly talking about how he thinks he's pals with Phil.

xHeavYx1215d ago

Nothing better to start the morning than a good laugh, thank you Aussie.
MS must be so happy that now that they announced BC, they will automatically sell 10M consoles.

Gority1215d ago

I really enjoy how people have marked his comment as "Funny" even though he didn't intend it to be.

1215d ago
Kingthrash3601215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

+bubbles don't equal agrees...and anyone can give out plus bubs.
...and his comment was hilariously inaccurate it fits perfectly.

Ezz20131215d ago

Phil Spencer :
"Since we are losing...We will pretend that we are winning just like Charlie Sheen did."

dafegamer1215d ago

its aussiegamer1, don't take his comments seriously

Kribwalker1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Funny thing is Charlie sheen actually did win. He left two and a half men with a $100 million payout, then started anger management, where he needed to get to 100 episodes to get a $200 million dollar pay out, which is exactly what happened. They hit the 100th episode and the show has since gone off the air. On top of all of that, two and a half men bombed in ratings to the point that its final season is done now, because it became terrible and charlie sheens show ended as well, but he was getting 6million + viewers for an extended period of time on that show.


But for all of these big corporations, as long as there divisions are turning a profit they are #winning

thelwebb1001215d ago

It's still a lot better than what Sony is offering, you'll never see me complain about more features unlike you brainwashed Sony groupies!

Forn1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Yeah, you're right... I guess we'll just continue playing cutting edge exclusive games and superior versions of multi-plat games along with more exclusive content first on PS4 instead. Have fun playing old games on your new system though. Congrats 😉

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DragonbornZ1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Why does the comment section always have to start with bait like this?
Reach is coming to BC, possible remaster in 60 fps in the future, possibly another Forza franchise ( with the quality of Forza games i'm cool with this as long as it's something different)
This is good news man. Ya'll wearing me out with this console war crap.
Edit: Oi,kinda wrong comment section, but what I said about Forza I still hold.

MasterCornholio1216d ago

I don't think BC will put the XB1 ahead of the PS4 in terms of sales.

The console wars is just a sales war with these company's

XanderZane1215d ago

No, it won't, but it will definitely help to move more systems. There are a LOT of games out there who were just waiting for Halo 5 to come out to get a XB1. With B/C and Tomb Raider this fall, they have a few more reasons to get an XB1. Fallout 4 is also coming out with Fallout 3 included in the XB1 version. If I didn't already own an XB1, I'd get one this holiday.

MasterCornholio1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


"If I didn't already own an XB1, I'd get one this holiday."

I prefer to spend that money on games the a new console. I don't need a new console but I can't missout out on games like StarWars Battlefront, Persona 5, FallOut 4, TearAway, The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, ElderScrolls Online, whole bunch of JRPGs and some lovely Indies.

I'd rather buy all those than a console with only a game or two. But that's only my case and for others it could be quite different.

P.S In case your wondering Halo, Gears and Forza don't interest me which is why I have little incentive to buy an X1. Maybe after seeing Scalebound that will change but only if it looks like an amazing Platinum game.

GrubsterBeater1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I saw this comment, and thought someone was joking... until I saw Aussiegamer1.... I just can't even fathom how someone could think that BC is somehow a game changer, or would in any way close the gap in sales.

SirJoJo1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Err, it most definitely is a game changer and yes it most definitely will help in gaining more ground in sales but will make it pass the ps4 sales lead, I don't think so, It probably wont even get very close. Not that It matters, ones doing very well, the others doing very very well.

Kingthrash3601215d ago

It's not a game changer.....its a plus yes...but it wouldn't make me want to buy a xbox1. A true game changer would be releasing new games for the system throughout the year...not three every holiday season. I don't understad why the richest gaming company refuses to make new first party games as much as its competitors. Seriously...nothing has came out. Nothing. I just got a Xbox one and the newest AAA ip they have is sunset overdrive. Ori is a indie and its awsome...first game I bought in fact...but for gods sake they really need to step their games's not like last gen where 3rd party games were better on Xbox...ps4 has the definitive console 3rd party quality, Xbox needs more exciting new ips if they want to compete....BC is cool but I didn't buy a Xbox one to play 360 games.

MysticStrummer1215d ago

"I saw this comment, and thought someone was joking... until I saw Aussiegamer1"

He's one of several people I sometimes think are doing some sort of performance art… a parody of a fanboy.

@JoJo - "it most definitely is a game changer and yes it most definitely will help in gaining more ground in sales but will make it pass the ps4 sales lead, I don't think so, It probably wont even get very close."

I'd say you contradicted yourself there but I suppose it depends on how you define "game changer". To me a game changer would put XB1 clearly back in the race, meaning at least close. I don't see BC doing that, but that's simply because no one I know cares about it. Maybe I'll be surprised, but I doubt it.

OT - Unless there are some drastic changes, XB has still lost a huge chunk of market share in the biggest gaming market. I don't know how Phil can spin that into winning, but I'm sure we'll find out eventually.

GrubsterBeater1215d ago


It is most certainly not a game changer. I'm a PS fan, and I can tell you right now that while BC is a cool feature, it most definitely would not have been a sale point in my decision of purchasing a PS4 if BC was available. I was thinking, well, you know GAMES for the PS4 was my main sale point in my purchase decision. I got a PS3 and I'll be okay merely pressing the 'ON' button to play my PS3 games. (Because I don't need Kinect to lazily turn my system on for me.)

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1216d ago

The Xboss then goes on to state that he won’t let others dictate who “wins” the console race.

“That said, I’ll definitely define winning on our own metric and I won’t let the press define what winning means or competition defining what winning means. I say – we’re delivering a great exclusive games for Xbox one customers.”

So denial will help Xbox achieve it's goals?

MasterCornholio1216d ago

“That said, I’ll definitely define winning on our own metric and I won’t let the press define what winning means or competition defining what winning means."

Reminds me of the arguments over who has the best lineup or who won e3.

This is something that people do to make their firms look better.

That was actually a very interesting qoute. It really made me think about all the battles that occur on N4G.

Our favourite firms always win because we always define what winning is to achieve that.

johndoe112111215d ago

What's even more hilarious is this little fact:

Microsoft releases the xbox 360 a year before sony releases the ps3 and the 360 hits 10 million sales worldwide. Microsot then makes the statement, and I quote, “History has shown us that the first company to reach 10 million in console sales WINS the generation battle.”

Fast forward 9 years. Microsoft and Sony both release their 8 gen consoles at the same time and the ps4 literally demolishes the xbox one in sales and not only reaches 10 million in sales first but becomes one of the fastest selling gaming consoles in history. microsoft then makes THIS statement, and I quote, “That said, I’ll definitely define winning on our own metric and I won’t let the press define what winning means or competition defining what winning means.”

Dear Mr Spencer, the press didn't define what winning means, gamers didn't define what winning means, my aunt Beatrice didn't define what winning means, YOU AND HISTORY DID by your own admission. Don't know why but the word HYPOCRISY just keeps popping up in my head over and over.

uth111215d ago

why not? Apparently they are redefining 'diversity' to mean how many different forza franchises they can create

gangsta_red1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

What's funny about this is Xbox One isn't doing as horrible as you all pretend it is.

It's not outselling the PS4, but it's also not in any dire straits that is putting MS in a bad financial position to drop the Xbox One.

Don't understand what "denial" Phil was stating as you believe IGive. The Xbox is delivering the exclusive games, features and options that their customers have been asking for.

rainslacker1215d ago

To be fair, all companies run off their own metrics to determine if they are successful. I mean, if they are selling more X1's than they predicted or needed to to be considered a success, then they have no reason to worry. At least for the short term. Long term may be a different story, but I don't think they're at the point of being in danger of having to drop out of the console race due to not making a mark.

MasterCornholio1215d ago


To be honest I don't think anyone would willingly admit to being beaten by the competition. If Phil did they it would make him look weak.

But I can guarantee you that Microsoft isnt too happy that they couldn't achieve the PS4s level of sales. Heck they envyed the Wiis which is why both of them came out with motion controls in order to compete with Nintendo.

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OB1Biker1216d ago

It's the 'console race' now? There's a console war from the companies. Everything else is fanboy wars

SirJoJo1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Dear Aussie,

Please stop making us actual fans look bad with your constant nonsense. Well I say fan but to be honest my main reason for going X1 over ps4 is because of my absolute LOVE for Halo! and wherever halo goes, I go, simple. My other gaming passion is street fighter so you can bet your mums ass I'll be purchasing a ps4 when SF5 drops. So what i'm really saying is i'm a fan of games and it as simple as that.

ps. yes i like other games also, the two i mentioned are just no brainers for me, I have to have them.

slappy5081216d ago

BC is a very nice feature, there's no two ways about it, bit if you wanna win the console war you gotta bring out appealing current gen games. Hopefully Scalebound, phantom dust and Quantam break are appealing new IPs that offer an alternative to Halo gears Forza.

avengers19781215d ago

Didn't phantom dust already get cancelled.

guyman1215d ago Show
harrisk9541215d ago

Honestly, while backward compatibility sounds great on paper (and it is for some), it is a feature that, when present, is not widely used. The PS3 (first iteration) had full BC through the inclusion of a PS2 chip in the system. But, it was not used by as many as you would think or as often. The new systems have new games and that is what people buy the new systems for. Is it a nice value add? Sure it is. But, it would have been FAR FAR more of a selling point if it wasn't almost 2 years into the console cycle. It may push some hardware, but (in my opinion) it is not going to have the impact that some are predicting.

SilentNegotiator1215d ago

So Xbox One wins because of Xbox 360 games? You would think that there would be less complaining that Ps4 has to many remasters in the xbox camp (despite Xbox having plenty) if that were the case.

Ezz20131215d ago

No, you can only complain about playing old games on next gen consoles if that console is Ps4

on the other hand
Playing old games on next gen console like Xbox1
is amazing and game changer

Kidmyst1215d ago

So you are saying is new gen games and selection is so bad you win a new gen console race by playing last gens games on it? Hmm OK. Msft should bring back Project Gotham Racing for a new racer.

1215d ago
Ocsta1215d ago

How are you STILL not banned?

1215d ago
rainslacker1215d ago

lol. Aussie isn't a hacker. He's clueless on technology and programming based on his comments.

He's either one of those people playing an extreme fan boy, but without the funny satire feel, a shill, or a complete moron.

3-4-51215d ago

* There is no race & nobody is winning it.

* Tons of other market have 10-100 people competing in them and all are able to provide something good for the people and are able to maintain their spot within the market without " being the best".

* If thousands of other jobs and trades can do this, then so can Video Games survive this as well.

* There is no race or winning prize.

PS4 owners won't be granted a $500 check in the mail because "their team won"..

It's all about what you enjoy.

* I happen to decide to enjoy a bit of everything in the gaming world and will soon complete that by adding a PS4 to my collection, but it doesn't make my XB1,Wii U, PC, 3DS,PSP or Vita obsolete ?

I'll play them all. All of them win on some level.

kaizokuspy1215d ago

Here's why you're wrong. There is a winner, it is decided by who has the best games, quality sales, and fun to be had for the same price. Ps4 at launch had the better price point, had the better hardware, had the better version of the games between the two in terms of multiplats. They put out games year round as opposed to just holidays. They helped launch a kickstarter to show japanese developers the western audience indeed want their games and they shouldn't be afraid to invest time localizing them. What did MS do for the global gaming community on that front in terms of consoles? Oh you can stream xbox one games to your pc. Which is stupid, just develop the exclusives for pc. It's retarded. That's why ps4 won and is still winning. No amount of PT can change that fact. While xbox one owners live in the stone age playing their BC games that I've already traded in on their brand new console. I'd much rather wait for a 60 fps remaster with more content to start another playthrough than waste my time playing a haggard old game again when I can spend my time playing the multitude of games hitting the stores throughout the month. Those who praise BC, you are only wasting countless money that's being invested in BC in licensing and publishers/developers cuts that could otherwise fund brand new IPS that xbox one owners would actually be able to brag about in an argument.


Khajiit861215d ago

I feel sorry for you. Someone drop you when you were younger?

Khajiit861215d ago

One would think, but no. This guy is dead serious.

700p1215d ago

yeah tbh, many of my friends ended up purchasing xbox because of backwards compatibility.

rainslacker1215d ago

I don't know what's sadder. The fact that your friends brought an X1 so quickly after the announcement, when they obviously aren't going to be in the preview program, or the fact that they would spend $350+ on a console to play old games despite there not being a game good enough to entice them before.

skratchy1215d ago

Yeah, hurry! Buy an Xbox One now so you can play your 360 games! Brilliant

XanderZane1215d ago

Scalebound, Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Fable Legends, Forza 6, Neverwinter Online, Smite, Ori and the Blind Forest, Sunset Overdrive, Gears Ultimate Edition, Crackdown 3, Inside, Gigantic, Horizon 2, Sea of Thieves, Encore and a host of other games may have had something to do with it as well.

Orionsangel1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Nope! If they had announced that every 360 games was working on Xbox One you might have had a good argument, but not every developer be on board. It's going to be a complicated process of licensing and legal issues. This is just like when they announced backwards compatibility of original Xbox Games on 360 consoles. They supported a certain amount and then just gave up. This is that all over again.

PeaSFor1215d ago

boasting about BC mean you are straight up straw grabbing.

Provolone241215d ago

Dear AussieGamer, after reading another one of your comments, you won the award for being the biggest delusional fanboy my friend and you ended any hope anyone had for you.

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christocolus1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Forza Rally? Forza: Midtown Madness? or maybe the return of Project Gotham Racing?

chrish19901216d ago

I'd slap an angry German to get PGR back. Nay - I'd slap two.

christocolus1216d ago

Lol. I'm sure playground will surprise us once again. Many of the devs at the studio worked on PGR so there's a chance we could see PGR return in the future.

No Way1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I wouldn't mind to see them make a rival for Need For Speed.. PGR would be cool, too.

PistolsAtDawn1215d ago

My vote would be the dirt series, before it got stupid.

LexHazard791216d ago

Oh Phil you tease you.... No more Forza games but I can we see the return of what I still believe is the best arcade racer in the business. PGR.. I want to race In New York, Vegas, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Tokyo all in new next gen sweetness!

medman1215d ago's enough with the Forza already.

ZaWarudo1216d ago

Bring back Mechassault.

Haru1216d ago

LOL at least he gave up on winning